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    Watch Video Of Lagos Girl Having S3x With Dog For N1.5 Million

    Dog Video Smashing Lagos Lady Doggy Breaks Internet, Nigerians Lament [WATCH]

    Video of Lagos girl having s3x with dog for N1.5 million has emerged.

    Wothappen reports that a video of an unidentified Lagos-based lady having s3x with a dog has emerged on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, with Nigerians and other users of the bird app watching in disbelief.

    This online news platform understands that there have been speculations of girls sleeping with dogs for money when they travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), or Italy, but the video of a Lagos lady having s3x with a dog seems to confirm that the rumours are indeed true.

    In the video sighted by this Wothappen Nigeria reporter, the supposed Lagos girl is seen on her knees while the dog is on top of her in a very compromising position.

    Meanwhile, Wothappen Nigeria reports that the act of having s3xual intercourse with animals is known as bestiality and it is illegal in most countries. Though it is illegal, many girls have chosen this path as the easiest way to become a millionaire as they are paid as much as N1.5 million for sleeping with a dog.

    Watch the Video of Lagos girl having sex with dog: HERE

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