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Watch this viral TikTok video of a ginger cat and its owner harmonizing in the most adorable way



Watch this viral TikTok video of a ginger cat and its owner harmonizing in the most adorable way

 By storm, leaving users in awe as it appears to harmonize flawlessly with its owner’s singing. Whether this feline’s vocal prowess is genuine or not, the fascination is undeniable.

It’s not uncommon for social media enthusiasts to share videos of their endearing antics with their beloved pets. These moments of delightful interaction, often captured in viral videos, serve as a bright spot in users’ daily lives. We’ve seen a range of emotion-evoking clips, from the heart-wrenching response of a pitbull left alone at home to the uplifting antics of an elderly labrador on TikTok. However, the video of this melodic cat is something to behold.

What Is The Background Story Behind The Of The Ginger Cat Singing With Its On Tiktok?

 its owner has been taking the internet by storm. It was first posted on the popular social media platform, TikTok, and has since then garnered millions of views, comments, and shares. But what’s the story behind this adorable duet?

The cat, named ‘Waffles’, is an 8-year-old ginger domestic shorthair, while the owner is a 28-year-old musician named Melissa. Melissa, who has been playing the guitar since she was 12, often found Waffles sitting next to her whenever she would practice. The cat seemed to have a peculiar interest in her strumming. 

One day, while Melissa was rehearsing a new song for an upcoming gig, Waffles started making noises that astonishingly matched the rhythm and pitch of the music. Melissa, intrigued by this, decided to start filming these singing sessions, and the rest is viral history. 

Waffles’ unique talent and the harmonious bond between the cat and the owner, captured in these videos, have been celebrated by internet users worldwide. The cute duets have not only gained them fame but also a growing fanbase who eagerly awaits their next performance. 

Despite the fame, Melissa maintains that she and Waffles are just having fun. She believes that their videos bring joy to people, especially in these trying times, and that’s all that matters to them. As for Waffles, he seems to enjoy the attention, often seen purring contently after their singing sessions.

Video of a cat singing with owner goes viral

The video of the orange cat singing with its owner can be found on multiple accounts as several surprised users have posted their reactions to the animal’s unbelievable talent.

The viral clip sees the cat sing almost perfectly in tune repeating after his owner. The original source of the video is unclear.

The cat imitates its owner after every line of the song and to the viewers, it seems like it has been trained to do so. However, some users have questioned the authenticity of the clip as none had seen a cat with the ability to sing like a human so far.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, it is possible to digitally create almost anything and the singing cat could also be an AI, as TikTok users have pointed out.

Or, the ginger cat may have vocals different from the other cats on the Internet, and its owner could have edited the its audio to ensure it’s on par with the actual singing.

TikTok users are obsessed with the clip

Not all TikTok users interested in the video believe it’s real. As a lot of them have noted, they love the idea of a cat singing so well with its owner regardless of its origin.

So clearly, people haven’t ruled out the possibility of the cat and its voice being fake, but that isn’t stopping them from enjoying it.

One user wrote: “Even if it’s auto-tune, it’s still cute. I want one.”

“I can’t stop seeing it- it’s not just the cat- it’s the bonding with him & his cat,” said another.

A third user said: “Auto-tune or not I love this cat. He sings just perfectly”

“I think it’s just slowed down and auto-tuned, but still very cute,” read one comment.

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