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Watch Full Esther Raphael Trending Video Here



Watch Full Esther Raphael Trending Video Here

Wothappen reports that in the Buba Girl Viral Video, the TikTok influencer was seen using her two middle fingers to simulate herself while licking her fingers on a bed.

“The Buba Girl,” celebrated for her diverse range of content on TikTok, ranging from dynamic dance routines to entertaining skits, now finds herself caught in a complex situation as her private content becomes the subject of unauthorized disclosure.

Reports have that the Calabar-born TikTok star is said to have been blackmailed by some guys about a year ago, who decided to leak her video because she didn’t agree to their terms.

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Esther reportedly sent her nude video to her boyfriend. It was meant to be seen just once but the boyfriend recorded it with another phone. In the process, other boys got the video and demanded money to keep it secret. Esther refused to yield.

Esther Buba Girl Viral Video

Taking to Instagram, the content creator and influencer with over 500K followers on her TikTok handle shared cryptic posts on her story in response to the buba girl tiktok video.

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