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“Waste Of Money”: Man Upgrades His Mud House, Installs Solar Panels and DSTV Satellite Dish, Photo Surfaces



A trending photo of a mud house was recently shared on social media and it has raised concerns

The photo showed an old-looking mud house in a village which was furnished by the owner with modern facilities

The house had about two well-placed solar panels on the roof and a DSTV satellite which was mounted on a pole

A photo of a furnished mud house which was spotted in a village in Nigeria has surfaced on social media.

The photo captured a well-furnished mud house which had a DSTV satellite mounted at a pole standing close to the house.


It also had about two solid solar panels placed carefully on the roof of the house.

Dexterouz11 who shared the photo via Twitter said:

“My friend saw this in her village. A mud house with DStv and solar energy on the roof. Why does the owner only enjoy living in a mud house? What’s the essence of this.”

See the post below:

Man builds fine mud house with N1.3 million

Meanwhile, Wothappen previously reported that a short video showing a newly-built mud house has received over 720k views on TikTok alone. The video was posted on the platform on October 18 by a user named Lawrance, who appears to be a building expert.

The video, which lasted about 39 seconds, showed how the house was built from the foundation to the roofing. What made the video more interesting is that Lawrance did not use bricks for the house. Instead of bricks, he made use of mud and sticks, which were later plastered with cement. TikTok users who are interested in owning such a house asked how much was spent on it, and Lawrance said it cost about N1.3 million (Ksh386,000).

Lawrance said he does not use bricks because it costs less with mud. The video of the fine house has stunned his followers on TikTok as it has been viewed over 720k times and received more than 11k likes and 251 comments.

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