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War: Real reasons Russia is fighting Ukraine – President Putin



War: Real reasons Russia is fighting Ukraine – President Putin

President Vladimir Putin of Russia on Friday gave reasons for the military operations in Donbas and Ukraine.

Putin disclosed that the military operation was to liberate people from suffering and genocide in Ukraine.

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He disclosed this while making a special appearance in Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium.

Some Russians had converged at the stadium to mark eight years after Russian troops seized Ukraine’s southern region of Crimea.

The event is being celebrated with flag-waving crowds at the stadium and special lessons in schools.

“To liberate people from this suffering, from the genocide, is the main inspiring motive of the military operation we started in Donbas and in Ukraine,” Putin said.

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Russian troops have been battling Ukraine over the latter’s initial option to join NATO.

While the Russian troops are marching towards subduing Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, Ukrainians are putting up stiff opposition.

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