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Wahala no dey finish: Lady rejects her man’s proposal, he cries like a baby



Wahala no dey finish: Lady rejects her man's proposal, he cries like a baby

Another case of a public proposal gone wrong has happened, this time, in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

A young man got turned down by a lady identified as his girlfriend when he proposed to her at a shopping mall in the city.

The lady refused and stormed off

Things didn’t go as planned as the man was left to lick his wounds. The video showed the lady storming off the mall in anger, rejecting the olive branch.

As the man wept while also kneeling down in shame and wounded ego, a man came to pull him up in encouragement.

The video has gone viral after it was shared on Instagram by @oyoaffairs. Nigerians are also reacting to the video in different ways. Many of those who reacted questioned the rationale behind public proposals. A few of the reactions are captured below:

@luqman_hakim423 said:

“It ok if you reject him..but not ok when you reject him with madness and angry.”

“Una just dey disgrace una self if you like marry her give her Belle before you propose she won’t refuse to marry you if not she go turn baby mama be that.”

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