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“Visa Is Sure”: Woman Flies Down From America to Nigeria, Marries Young Handsome Man in Video



A relatively old woman based in America stirred massive reactions with a video that showed she married a Nigerian man

The woman, who was very excited about the trip, looked so beautiful in a white gown during her wedding ceremony

Many people in her comment section wished her a happy married life as they hoped the move would be rewarding for the couple

A woman on TikTok, @blessedtamma, who lives in America, made a short video showing the moment she travelled to Nigeria to marry her love.

She filmed herself in an aeroplane moments before it touched down. Seconds into the video, the woman looked happy in her white wedding gown.

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“Visa Is Sure”: Woman Flies Down From America to Nigeria, Marries Young Handsome Man in Video

Beautiful wedding ceremony

Another part of the video had the man’s family members around her during their wedding. It was a small but effective ceremony.

In her caption, she noted that sh was glad to be married to her husband.

Many people were in the woman’s comment section to congratulate the couple. Some advised her against flying the man out immediately.

Watch the video below:


Well you guys i made another trip to go get married in Nigeria and it was great and i am glad to say im married to @dannythamara5 😘👰‍♀️❤️🎂#viral #foryoupage #letshelpthechildrenoftomorrow #viral #loveislove #internationalcouple #love #MacysGiftTok

♬ original sound – Passport Auntie ✈️🌎🤍

The video has gathered over 1200 comments with more than 9,000 likes.

Wothappen compiled some of the reactions below:

Monica Carter822 said:


Viv_001 said:

“If she was a Nigerian woman he wouldn’t dare get married to her, I hope you love her.”

Ariesme84 said:

“Congratulations!!! Whatever you do, DO NOT fly for him to come to America. you move there and live for at least 1/2yrs.”

queen stella said:

“If it’s too good to be true then it’s I hope you won’t regret.”

Neptina said:

“Gurl… you are going to have a good wedding night. God bless.”

lazorusTheDan said:

“That visa is something else the whole family moving lol.”

Artist Grayson said:

“Congratulations Queen….you both look so happy. enjoy each other…wishing you a life full of happiness.”

Naomi said:

“The family in the back like yesss green card secured.”

Nigerian men & their oyinbo lovers

Meanwhile, Wothappen earlier reported that a young Nigerian man, @willchukz, made a very short video to show people the love of his life as he sang along to the song coming out from his car’s sound system.

The man panned his camera towards an old oyinbo woman sitting beside him as she smiled at him. The countenance of the man showed that he was happy with his love life.

In similar news, a beautiful oyinbo lady shared a video to capture the moment she took her Nigerian boyfriend to meet her family.

The lady said she was nervous that her family would not like him. To her surprise, the man got along well with her parents.

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