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Viral Video Young Man Purchases “Everything” on Bride Price List, Displays Clothes and Yam Tubers



Bride Price

A Nigerian lady has shared photos of a couple and the items the groom bought as part of the bride price list.

The couple stood amid the many items like batches of clothes, tubers of yam, and different travelling bags. There were also crates of drinks on display.

Among the items displayed for the bride’s family to see was a big stock fish. Different beauty products were also among the things the groom bought.

Many TikTokers who reacted to the video shared by @chizzyjboy3 wondered why the marriage list contained so many things.

People tried to guess what part of the country the bride was from.

Watch the video here

Wothappen compiled some of the reactions below:

user7225670561787 said: “You see these your husband, respect cherish never compare him, he did alot to have always appreciate him E no easy.”

itz presh said: “I guess nah mbaise be this congratulations dear.”

prince clinton said: “You guy’s should stop shouting imo state here because everything your seeing here is not up to 2millions naira.. unless ur not ready to settle down.”

HOLUSEUNCO1 said: “All this for a woman that can leave tomorrow,mine was introduction,she left when things wasn’t going well then o,Guy think #Lexus cars.”

Favour Nnaji49 said: “Na dis one make many girls neva marry.”

Kidspounds said: “Only IMO people can relate this dem go call all there problem put inside bride price.”

ELLA said: “Imo oooh my people small small biko nu.”

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