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Viral Video As Elegant Lady Gently Shakes Waist While Sitting Down at Party As Fans Reacts “She is My Kind of Woman”



Elegant Lady

Over 31,000 people have liked the video of a lady who danced with her waist during a wedding party.

TikTok user, @the_gallery_studios shared the video showing how the lady raised her phone for a selfie while sitting down.

While taking her selfie, she did not stop moving her body to the music in the air.

Her dance was very smooth and attractive as she only shook her waist while still sitting on the chair.

She raised her phone high in the air as she captured herself. Other partygoers were passing and turning to look at her.

Apart from her dance, another point of attraction was her dress and nicely made hair. She wore a sequin-infused dress that hugged her body, with an opening in front.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users as lady dances with her waist at a party

TikTok users who have seen the video are having a field day in the comment section. Some people said the lady was trying to flaunt her phone. Others were curious about the outcome of her photo section.

@Atsu baby said: “If you get an iPhone 14 Pro Max, you won’t kill us.”

@Ai-N commented: “I’m curious to see the result of her photography.”

@chietony1 said: “I have no words because first I have to laugh.”

@Obi Young said: “My kind of mama.”

@user46871910036 commented: “Shake and be happy, and don’t worry.”

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