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Video of Actor Sylvester Madu Selling Okirika at Enugu Market trend



A new video of Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu, aka Shina Rambo, is causing a buzz on social media

A TikToker made a video of the movie star selling items at a market in Enugu and posted it online

The video spread online and sparked mixed reactions from many Nigerians, with some of them asking questions

Nigerian actor Sylvester Madu, also known as Shina Rambo, is now in the news after being spotted at a market in Enugu.

A video made the rounds online showing the movie star appearing to sell items at the Enugu market.

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Video of actor Sylvester Madu selling at Enugu market causes stir. Photos: @ejimaa, @sylvestermadu / IG
Source: TikTok

The clip, which was spotted by, was posted on TikTok by a user named @ejimaa. It showed Sylvester in work clothes as he appeared to be arranging his goods.

The video poster captioned it:

“Saw our favourite actor today Shina Rambo selling at Enugu ngwo”.

See the viral video below:

It did not take long for the TikTok video of the movie star selling items at the market to spread on other social media platforms.

The video raised a series of mixed reactions from netizens. While some of them noted that there was nothing wrong with the actor having an honest side hustle, others blasted the TikTok user for making the video.

Read some of their comments below:


“What if he’s selling? Y’all just prefer those living fake lives and flaunting luxuries in the name of actors. As far as he ain’t stealing, I’m in support of whatever hustle he chooses.”


“My problem is that this guy use to act where he carry gun well well,make things no frustrate him reach where him go carry gun physically oh.”


“This is so wrong, why can’t people mind their business….. every little thing, you’ll pick up your phone and start recording people to show the world that you did it first. It’s really sad that you’ll just wake up one day and see yourself all over social media .”


“So people who are selling in the market now, are poor people.. just dey play with yourself.”


“And so what? He shouldn’t hustle to feed himself again? You people are very annoying .”


“Is it a crime? Would you have preferred seeing him stealing? Everyone has their down moment and how they choose to sort it out shouldn’t be anybody’s business.”


“Another classic guy , he must be acting. Might not be what you are thinking.”


“Movie or no movie… What’s wrong with selling cloth at the market? Let people be, respect people’s opinion.”


“It can’t be this worst for his our own Sylvester madu, tufikwa. This must be a movie.”


“He’s living an honest life. I don’t know why y’all don’t like originality yet you criticize people living fake life. Being an actor doesn’t automatically make you rich let it sink!”


“Is he stealing? Or would you prefer he comes online to beg you for money? There’s dignity in labor!”


“It’s an honest living. You’re not better than him. Let people breathe!!!”


“Soo… man cannot hustle again It’s funny that some of our youths don’t know the meaning of side hustle Abeg next topic.”

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