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UK Govt Releases List of Over 2000 businesses authorized to Sponsor Work Visas as Job Scams Hit Nigerians Hard

When looking for a sponsored employment to qualify for a skilled worker visa, Nigerians should be aware of the warning indicators listed by the United Kingdom.

This follows recent allegations of stranded Nigerians being deceived into believing they will find employment when they get in the nation.



UK government

The government of the United Kingdom (UK) has issued a caution to job seekers, particularly foreigners who want to move there.

The UK government revealed seven warning indicators job applicants should watch out for on its website in an effort to prevent converting a possible dream job into an immediate nightmare.

The warning is coming amid a recent report detailing how many Nigerians and other countries’ nationals were left destitute after paying agents huge amounts of money to travel to the UK on skilled workers’ visas only to find out they had no jobs.

The UK government operates a skilled worker visa system that allows qualified nationals from other countries to work there.

Wothappen, in an earlier report, had provided a breakdown of some of the occupations available for the skilled worker visa.

Regrettably, an investigation conducted by Sky News UK shows the system is now being abused to the detriment of unsuspecting innocent job seekers, including Nigerians.

UK’s warning for job seekers

The UK government is now advising job seekers, especially Nigerians looking for sponsors to relocate, on some red flags to watch out for.

Part of the statement reads:

“January and February are acknowledged within the recruitment industry as peak job search months– providing prime opportunities for scammers to exploit.

“The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is working with JobsAware to raise awareness of job scams that might lead people down the path of sharing identity details, and even their own money, in the mistaken belief they are in line for new employment.”

Therefore, jobseekers are being alerted to the seven signs of scams that could leave them at risk of being scammed.

Seven signs to look out for while looking for job in UK

  1. Poorly written job adverts that do not include full details, including salary.
  2. Suspicious contact details, especially if no point of contact is linked with a job advert and the email is not official.
  3. Unrealistic salary- If the promised salary is above the industry pay average
  4. A job offer without an interview
  5. Being asked for money
  6. Illegitimate companies or illegitimate emails
  7. UK domain – If the domain is outside the UK, ensure to look into the company further

UK list of approved companies that can sponsor visa

To assist further, the UK government has provided a list of companies approved to sponsor skilled Nigerians looking to relocate to the UK if they can secure a job.

To apply for a skilled worker visa, a valid job offer must be available from a licensed UK employer.

To view the complete list, click here.

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