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UK Govt Releases List of Companies Approve To Sponsor Skilled Nigerians Ready To Relocate

There is now an option for Nigerians who want to relocate abroad but lack the necessary funds

The UK government has released a list of licensed companies that are willing to sponsor the relocation of skilled workers

Some of the companies are in technology, commerce, and engineering among several others

The United Kingdom has released a list of organizations licensed to sponsor skilled Nigerian and other national workers for temporary Worker immigration travel routes.

The companies approved by the UK provide a great option for smart Nigerians who are not financially buoyant to live the dream of ‘Japa’ which has become very popular, particularly among Nigerian youths.

Japa is a phrase that captures the desire of Nigerians, especially youths to seek greener pastures abroad.

UK releases list of companies ready to sponsor visa Credit: @uk
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According to a recent Wothappen report, leaving to the UK could cost more than N10 million depending on the family size.

UK companies ready to relocate Nigerians, others with a work visa

In the published list obtained by Wothappen as on Thursday 12 January 2023, there are a total of 68,630 companies licensed to sponsor and bring in international workers to the UK.

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The companies across the major technology, commerce, education, media and advertisement, and engineering among several others.

The category of the route includes Charity Worker, skilled worker, creative Worker, Global Business Mobility: Senior or Specialist Worker, and International Sportsperson.

Anyone interested will have to visit the company’s website and search for available vacancies.

Here is a list of 20 companies approved to sponsor a Nigerian to the UK

Organisation Company location

  • 1 Diamond Homecare Limited
  • 1 Digitals Europe Limited
  • 1 Jupiter Star Ltd t/a Gurkha Oven
  • 1 Key Solution Limited
  • 1 Oak Home Care
  • 1 Stop Print Ltd
  • 10 Europe Limited
  • 10 Europe Limited
  • 100 SHAPES LTD
  • 1000heads Ltd
  • 100Starlings Ltd
  • 101 Ways Limited
  • 1010 Restaurant @ The Blacksmiths arms
  • 1080 Properties Ltd
  • 10architect Ltd
  • 10BE5 LTD.
  • 10X Future Technologies Services Ltd
  • 11 Hospitality Limited T/A Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport NEC
  • 114 GPS Ltd T/A Sushi Atelier
  • 11and12 Limited
  • 11K Consulting Ltd
  • 11PCS Consultancy Limited
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Names of other 68,000 companies approved by the United Kingdom can be downloaded here or searched here.

South Africa wants skilled Nigerians, offers permanent residency

Meanwhile, in another report, South Africa has joined the list of countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States offering easy visas to smart, wealthy Nigerians.

The visa application includes a clear five-year path to permanent residency for skilled Nigerians.

Business leaders also have the opportunity to apply for a 10-year visa with the option of staying in the country.

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