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Twitter users think Elon Musk is into ‘age play’ and has secret account

Twitter users think Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s recent tweet about Twitter subscriptions has many users believing that the billionaire CEO has a secret “age-play” account on the platform.

The Twitter CEO is busy making headlines since his takeover of the platform. Most recently he hinted that his team might bring back Twitter Fleets.

Moreover, his decision to make the famous blue tick on Twitter a paid service is still sparking conversations.

Most recently Elon revealed Twitter‘s new monetization features. However, it was something peculiar in the screenshot he posted, that got people talking.

Elon Musk’s tweet stirs “age play” speculations

On Tuesday, April 25, the Twitter CEO put out a tweet stating, “Content creators may wish to enable subscriptions on this platform. Just tap on Monetization in settings.”

He also shared a screenshot of his Twitter account on his phone. While at first glance everything appears normal, there’s one tiny picture that caught many users’ attention.

Adjacent to Elon’s profile picture, on the far right-hand side, appears another tiny picture. It features his son X Æ A-12, who he shares with ex-girlfriend Grimes. Their toddler is two and will turn three in May 2023.

Many Twitter users might already know that you can switch between your multiple Twitter accounts by pressing a button. The said button is shown as the profile picture of your other account.

Hence the tiny image of X Æ A-12 appearing in Elon’s screenshot has many believing he has an alternate account and is posting tweets as his two-year-old son. This had many users speculating that the SpaceX CEO is into “age play.”

For the unversed, “age play” is a form of role-playing where a person acts as if they are a different age.

Users think ‘Elon Test’ is Musk’s secret account

Many think the account ‘Elon Test’ is the Tesla CEO’s alleged alternate account. The Twitter account has the same profile photo as the image that appeared in Elon’s screenshot.

The screenshots posted by Twitter users show the account’s username is @ErmnMusk and was created in November 2022.

There are multiple accounts on Twitter with the name Elon Test now. However, the one mentioned by most Twitter users and other news outlets has disappeared.

Twitter did not immediately respond to HITC and GRV Media’s request for comment about Elon’s alleged secret account.

‘Elon Test’ has made some bizarre tweets

Many people are tripping over the bizarre tweets posted on the account “Elon Test.” The screenshots of the account have Twitter users scratching their heads.

One of the latest tweets reads, “I will finally turn 3 on May 4th.” It is the date on which Elon and Grimes’ eldest X Æ A-12 was born.

Another tweet sees the admin asking a fellow Twitter user “Do you like Japanese girls?”

A third tweet sees the user saying, “I wish I was old enough to go to nightclubs. They sound so fun.”

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