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Tony Elumelu Reacts As Comedian Bovi Tries to Use AI to Steal His Identity, Transfer Billions, Video Trends



Comedian Bovi recently put up a hilarious video of him making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the short clip, the funny man attempted to use the AI to transfer Nigerian billionaire Tony Elumelu’s wealth to himself, but it failed

According to the AI, Bovi’s account was too small to receive Elumelu’s wealth, which stirred reactions from the billionaire and others

Nigeria’s leading comedian Bovi has stirred hilarious reactions with a video of him attempting to use Artificial Intelligence to steal an identity.

In the funny episode, Bovi attempted to transfer entrepreneur and billionaire Tony Elumelu’s wealth to himself as he tried different passwords until he managed to get it right.

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Tony Elumelu laughs over Bovi’s video. Credit: @tonyelumelu @officialbovi
Source: Instagram

However, while the wealth was being transferred to Bovi, the AI told the comedian his account couldn’t take up the massive wealth.

In the AI’s words:

“Your account is too small to receive all his wealth.”

Watch the video below:

Tony Elumelu, others react to Bovi’s AI video

The Nigerian billionaire took to the comedian’s comment section to laugh about his attempt as he dropped three laughing emojis.


“300 acct to receive his wealth .”


“I was patiently waiting for how it’s going to look like till I saw Error Bovi on your mandate we shall trek.”


“U wan use savings account collect billions.”


“What is this content? how do you think of all these? Where are your morals.”


“Bros! The wealth go too much for only you na, I get 5 accounts, make I borrow you make them transfer put make everywhere soft na.”


“Why you go use savings account for this kind big thing .”


“300 no go reach bro.”


“Awele my love mr Tony knows you lots hence why Awele my love won’t be his password……. He further knew that after Jesus about how everyone drops The Name Jesus…….. then gbam 300 accts…….. oya now Bovi and them them.”

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