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Tonto Dikeh says Nigerians brag too much as she expresses her joy at Ghana’s victory.

While some are outraged by the Super Eagles’ loss to the Black Stars, Tonto Dikeh has expressed her delight that Ghana triumphed because her people (Nigerians) brag a lot.

Tonto Dikeh says Nigerians brag too much as she expresses her joy at Ghana's victory.

Tonto Dikeh expressed her support for Ghana, saying that as much as she loves her people, Nigerians brag too much, and that losing this match is the best thing that could have happened to them since it would have distracted them from becoming power next year.

She believes the Black Stars of Ghana should have beaten the Super Eagles of Nigeria 3-1 to give insult to injury because they brag a lot.

If her opinion offends you, you have the right to write your own, since everyone has a right to their own opinion.

READ ALSO: Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) Explains Why He Is Proud Of Ghana Despite Losing To Us Yesterday, Tonto Dikeh said that failure can also be a gain if you look about it carefully, and in their case, they’re focused on assuming power in 2023, so missing the World Cup will let them to focus on that and not be distracted.

Some people are enraged about missing out on the World Cup, especially since their neighbors Ghana has qualified, but Tonto Dikeh and a few others believe it’s for the best because they can’t afford any distractions in 2023.

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