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    Tonto Dikeh asks, “What Is The Guarantee That Heaven Is Real?” as she shares her deep thought.

    Tonto Dikeh, an actress, has expressed her deepest feelings, asking what proof there is that heaven exists, given that she has seen more nonbelievers enjoying earth than her Christian colleagues.

    Tonto Dikeh asks, "What Is The Guarantee That Heaven Is Real?" as she shares her deep thought.

    Tonto Dikeh has devoted her life to Christ, but when she awoke this morning, she had some ‘crazy’ ideas, which she shared on Instagram, questioning what is the guarantee that heaven is real since more unbelievers are enjoying the world than her Christian brothers and sisters.

    Tonto Dikeh appears to have lost her faith in God for some reason, and she is quite feeble, causing her to wonder if paradise is real.

    When you’re brokenhearted, it’s normal to not believe in God for a while.

    God, she believes, doesn’t need anybody to defend Him, thus no harsh or disappointing words will stop her from speaking or feeling what she’s feeling right now, since she’s too obstinate to let God do the defending through His touch.

    Tonto Dikeh then asked that we pray for our parents, friends, loved ones, and many others because our society is full of broken men and women who are supposed to suppress their feelings because God is almighty, but it doesn’t work with her because she isn’t ashamed to be weak.

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