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TikTok’s obsessed with ‘Did you pray today’ lyrics from a Young Thug song



TikTok’s obsessed with

One of Young Thug’s songs has caught the attention of TikTok users who are divided over the catchy lyrics, “Did you pray today?”

It is common for songs to go viral on the video sharing platform, often associated with different trends. Much to our surprise, it’s such bizarre trends that have popularized lesser-known artists and helped their songs gain worldwide recognition.

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However, the track we are talking about is by the famous rapper Young Thug, released years ago. But, for reasons unknown, it is trending on TikTok again and users want to know the name of the song.

Did you pray today’ lyrics take over TikTok

We would be surprised if you haven’t already come across videos on your For You page on TikTok with the above song playing in the background. For the unversed, the famous lyrics are from Young Thug’s song Gangster Sh*t.

With no particular trend or challenge associated with it, TikTok users are posting random clips of themselves or others singing the lyrics “Did you pray today”.

It isn’t clear how or when the old song started trending on the platform, but users are unable to ignore it.

Meanwhile, a few users are participating in the unofficial trend by narrative hilarious situations to match the words in the song.

For instance, one TikTok depicts the text “This how them Pastor be talking to ya’ll aunties after Service” while the song plays in the background.

Users have opposed opinions about the popularity of the song

The lyrics of the song are extremely catchy to not pay attention to it. But not necessarily has it appealed to each user the same way.

Some are too busy reacting to them or recording themselves lip-syncing to it, while others wish TikTok users stopped playing the song so much as they seem to have gotten sick of it.

One user commented: “If I see one more ‘did you pray today’ on my fyp, I’m going to block you.”

“Hahah..this song is so cool. Can’t stop singing it.” said another.

A third person said: “I am tired of everyone singing this song. My ears are ringing.”

“Why is this audio so funny,” read one comment.

Young Thug’s track released in 2016

Young Thug’s viral song was first released in 2016. The track produced by Wheezy first premiered on the Beats I radio show.

The song came to be known for its explicit lyrics, even though it starts off on an innocent note. And, it also happens to be one of the most famous Young Thug songs with just the audio track clocking more than 12 million views on YouTube.

It is also available to stream on other platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud.

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