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TikTok’s ‘gross’ vabbing at the gym trend repulses internet users

Do you think individuals have brought the trend of vamping to the gym?
While TikTok fads come and go, vabbing appears to be here to stay. Sorry.

TikTok’s ‘gross’ vabbing at the gym trend repulses internet users

Some really strange things go viral on TikTok every day, but this might just be the weirdest.

In July, the app has been taken over by something called ‘vabbing’, which internet users are branding disgusting, nasty and simply bizarre.

Now, a ‘gross’ new trend has emerged that sees young people vabbing in the gym, which has got people online even more riled up….

What is vabbing? And why are people doing it in the gym? Read on for a full explanation…

What is vabbing?

Vabbing is a combination of the word ‘dabbing’, which is a dance move that is popular online, and ‘vagina’.

As reported by Healthline, vabbing is the process of “dabbing your vaginal secretions on your body, as if they’re droplets of perfume”.

Many think that putting these vaginal secretions on pressure points, like your neck and wrists, will make them more attractive to others and attract a sexual partner.

Vaginal fluids do contain pheromones, which are secreted bodily chemicals that trigger a social response in another individual – like making you attractive to a partner.

So, vabbing can technically work in theory. However, many think doing it before dates, during a night out or at the gym is pretty vile.

People are vabbing at the gym

As per Healthline, the idea of vabbing became topical online after sexologist Shan Boodram revealed that she often vabs before a night out.

However, it wasn’t until 2022 that the idea took over TikTok – and a new trend has emerged in July that sees people vabbing at the gym.

Forget nightclubs and bars, the gym is now the place where everyone wants to meet a potential partner in 2022, and some think vabbing could help that.

Hundreds of women have uploaded TikTok videos in which they claim to be using their vaginal fluids as perfume to try and attract some sweaty men.

Does it actually work? Who knows. No real research has been done on vabbing, but the gym trend has been branded revolting and nasty.

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The idea of vabbing isn’t exactly the nicest thought, but TikTok users think it’s even worse when you bring the gym into the equation.

Equipment at the gym is being touched by thousands of people every single day and many don’t wipe down the machines after use.

Now imagine that as well as sweating buckets during their workout, people are also vabbing and still not cleaning the equipment after they use it!

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One person on Twitter called the whole thing “nasty” whilst another called it really “gross”.

“Thanks to a TikTok of a girl at the gym, I know now what vabbing is. I hope yall wash your hands doing that in public,” tweeted another.

Another said: “Between covid, monkeypox, and ‘vabbing’, it’s crazy to see people still not wiping down gym equipment after they use it.”

“If you ‘vabbing’ at the gym… I hate you,” wrote another.

Now you’ll never look at the gym in the same way again!

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