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“This Woman Is Beautiful”: Young-Looking Mum Burst Into Tears as Twin Sons Return to Nigeria After 3 Years

This Woman Is Beautiful Young Looking Mum Burst Into Tears as Twin Sons Return to Nigeria After 3 Years

A Nigerian woman was overwhelmed with joy as her sons surprised her with a lovely reunion

The twin boys decided to visit their young-looking mother three years after she returned to Nigeria

A heartwarming video showing her sweet reaction on seeing her sons has stirred emotions on the net

A woman burst into tears as her twin sons returned to Nigeria to see her three years after she left them abroad.

One of her sons recorded the moment they made the surprise visit to Nigeria and shared the clip on TikTok.

In the clip, the woman screamed and went berserk as soon as the young men made their way into the living room.

She was so excited and hugged them tightly one after the other. The young-looking woman then burst into tears.

Her sister and other kids watched with love as her sons comforted her. Netizens marvelled at how young she looks.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

Saphy said:

“She looks 23.”

L’Entrepreneuse d’Afrique said:

“Your mum looks like your sister, I’m sorry she is beautifully young.”

Ray E said:

“Hopefully this can be me soon haven’t seen ma mom in 4years now.”

Your Crush said:

“Hey bro your mom looks 22 mehn she be looking forever young.”

casey35 said:

“Who is mum, my friend get outta here You mean sister ❤ This woman is beautiful looks so young.”

BurningSprarSMT said:

“Why am I tearing no way I’m gonna experience this in my entire life not anymore I wish you guys all the best, May God guide & protect the whole Fam.”

Ijeoma said:

“Wait, so if there’s two of you + not3s, that means you’re mum gave birth to all 3 of you?! She looks so gorgeous.”

Dad weeps as daughter returns to Nigeria after 8 years

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a man had shed tears as his daughter returned to Nigeria with a child after eight years of residing abroad.

A video capturing the heartwarming family reunion was shared by the lady’s brother on TikTok and melted hearts.

He said that it was a very emotional moment for his parents as they never saw it coming. While noting that his mum was more interested in her grandson, his father burst into tears after seeing his daughter.

The lady hugged her father who was still overwhelmed by the unannounced return.

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