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“They threatened not to bury my father”: Lady Painfully Narrates why she stopped going to church

After her father passed away, Miss Ezeani quit attending church because they were threatening to not bury him until they paid his unpaid tithes.



"They threatened not to bury my father": Lady Painfully Narrates why she stopped going to church

A young Nigerian woman named Miss Ezeani revealed her tragic tale of why, after the passing of her father, she stopped going to church.

She claimed that even before she was born, her father was a long-time active and devoted churchgoer.

She said he loved the church so much that he would be wheeled to the church dying instead of skipping a Sunday service.

Lady painfully explains why she stopped going to church

Her dad also contributed immensely to the church in every way possible, financially and otherwise.

However, her father became ill, and his medical expenses drained the family’s bank account. As a result, he could not pay his outstanding dues to the church.

Miss Ezeani said everyone in the church knew their situation, but they did not show compassion or support. Instead, they threatened not to bury her father until they paid his outstanding dues.

She said this was the last straw that made her lose faith in the church and its leaders.

See her Tweet below:

@OgagaIdoro reacted:

“Perhaps the right phrase would be ‘some catholic parishes/priests. Categorically saying the Catholic church is quite untrue especially when it’s not empirically proven. Know it that some other churches does same, but should we then say it’s Anglican, Protestant etc.”

@iam ig said:

“Truly the father might be going to church every day but fails to fulfil his obligation rights in the church. But the truth is this people do a lot in burial but once it comes to church dues it becomes a problem. Start tagging the church as not being compassionate.”

@DOluwafumi wrote:

“Did she tag the church. The actions of our beloved brothers hurt her so much afding to her already heavy grief. Can we be serious. I am not happy she left the church, it was simply insensitive of the Parish to do that and I could bounce if it was me.”

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