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The WAEC and JAMB results of a 17yrs old girl who finished as the overall best student in her secondary school have surfaced online

The youngster, who served as head girl of her primary school, received three As on her WAEC exam and a B3 in English and additional maths.

The gifted 17-year-old girl hopes to receive a scholarship so she can follow her dream of becoming a doctor.



Best waec and jamb

Following the release of her WAEC and JAMB results online, Iorwuese Msendoo Zipporah, the all-around top student at W.M. Bristow Secondary School Gboko in her graduating year, was praised on social media.

On Facebook, attorney Ukan Kurugh posted a photo of the girl along with her WAEC and JAMB scores in an effort to get her a scholarship so she may follow her ambition of becoming a doctor.

Advocate Ukan Kurugh, shared the girl’s photo alongside her WAEC and JAMB results on Facebook as he made an appeal for a scholarship to help her pursue her dream of studying medicine.

Zipporah was the head girl in primary school

According to Ukan, the 17-year-old girl, who hails from Mbaakon, Mbadede Council Ward, Vandeikya Local Government of Benue state, was the head girl in her primary school – Lady Victoria Academy primary school, logo 2 in Makurdi.

Zipporah recorded 3 As in her civic education, biology and fisheries and had Bs in the other subjects taken in her WAEC. For her JAMB, she scored 288 and is awaiting the release of her NECO result.

Ukan added that the young girl was disciplined and studious in secondary school. Netizens hailed her academic feats and wished her well.

Netizens were impressed by Iorwuese Msendoo Zipporah’s performance

Mnzough Terseer Gerald said:

“Wow, what a great performance, keep it up girl, you surely go places.”

Awas Atelier said:

“Really impressive,

“I watched the video of her graduation ceremony where she was collecting awards, I had goosebumps. she cleared everything .”

Wedikpa Terzungwe Bernard said:

“Oh Ukan Kurugh my eyes soaked with tears while watching the video on the day of the graduation. She’s really a hardworking girl, may God send her destiny helpers to locate her…”

Jennifer Tersaa Tiza said:

“This one deserves a scholarship abroad but no our govt won’t see this post or her hard work.”

Adagba Iwueseter said:

“This one nah father sister make we match her enter government house sharp sharp.”

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