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The Prophetic Word: Pastor Isaiah Wealth’s Prediction of Peter Obi as Nigeria’s Next President.



The Prophetic Word: Pastor Isaiah Wealth's Prediction of Peter Obi as Nigeria's Next President.

The Prophetic Word: Pastor Isaiah Wealth’s Prediction of Peter Obi as Nigeria’s Next President

Esteemed and dedicated man of faith, Pastor Isaiah Wealth, released a surprising prophecy concerning the political future of Nigeria. According to his words, the renown business magnate and former Vice Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, is destined to become the President of Nigeria.

“I see a potential shift in political power. A seasoned player of financial matters shall ascend to the highest seat of the country, steering its course on a newly charted path. That man is Peter Obi. His time is nigh,” stated Pastor Isaiah Wealth in a recent interview.

This prophecy has sparked a renewed sense of anticipation and speculation amongst the politically attuned citizens of the country. But what does this prophecy really mean? Is it a definitive forecast of imminent political change, or a hypothetical projection based on divinely inspired insight? These questions are begged to be explored. 

Let’s delve into this intriguing prophecy, outline its implications, and explore the possibilities that Peter Obi leading the country could open up. Brace yourselves, dear readers, as we unpack what this could mean for the future of Nigeria.

Obi will win break trend and win’

The cleric, who is the lead preacher at Isaiah Wealth Ministries, also stated that President Bola Tinubu came third in the election while Atiku Abubakar and Obi came second and first respectively.

His words:

“I saw it clearly, as I was praying in the spirit, He (God) said, ‘say to Peter Obi, I have set before you an open door which no man can shut’. It stands till now. It is not going to change.

“The Lord said the door is open, walk through it. There must be no loss of courage. You fight the battle with courage.”

He continued:

“I went to ask The Lord, will this man ever be president? He said “Yes”. It is written: This is the ruler of thy people.

“The Lord said, if they go to court with proper evidence, they’ll win this case.

“Don’t say it has never happened in a presidential election. This can be the first.

“I don’t guess; I have seen it, it is clear.

“The result you see, first, second, third is actually third, second, first; it was reversed.

“I saw people celebrating on the streets. It will happen finally.”

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