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The Origins of Fear: Unveiling Sister Death, the Bone-Chilling Prequel to Netflix’s Veronica with an Enthralling Fresh Cast

Behind the Screams: Unveiling Sister Death, the Spine-Tingling New Prequel to Netflix’s Veronica with an Exciting Fresh Cast



Behind the Screams: Unveiling Sister Death, the Spine-Tingling New Prequel to Netflix's Veronica with an Exciting Fresh Cast

New Blood, Same Terror: Exploring Sister Death, the Bone-Chilling Prequel to Netflix’s Veronica with a Promising Cast

 Spanish horror smash hit, Veronica. The film featuring a brand-new ensemble of gifted actors takes audiences on a hauntingly chilling journey that spells out the origins of the sinister nun known as Sister Death. Let’s delve into the happenings and details that revolve around this spine-chilling prequel.

“Sister Death enriches the horrifying universe established by Veronica with a refreshing new tale carrying its own essence of dread. The two stories interconnect, adding depth to the terror that viewers have experienced in Veronica.”

October is always a big time for horror fans, with most taking advantage of the Halloween season to enjoy a wide range of genre films. From Saw X to Five Nights At Freddy’s, new titles aren’t exactly in short supply and Netflix is getting in on the action with an unexpected follow-up to one of the platform’s frightening, lesser-known gems.

Sister Death movie on Netflix is a Veronica prequel

The supernatural horror movie Sister Death premiered on Netflix on Friday, October 27th 2023, and actually serves as a prequel to the 2017 horror Veronica.

For those that may not remember or are unfamiliar, Veronica was a Spanish language film directed by Paco Plaza, drawing its inspiration loosely from a true story case in 1991 where an 18-year-old woman Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro passed away of mysterious causes after using a ouija board.

The movie was set appropriately in 1991, whereas Sister Death takes place in Spain in the aftermath of the Civil War, fought from 1936 to 1939.

Instead of the titular Veronica, we rewind back the clocks to focus on a new character, Narcisa, a nun who discovers she possesses supernatural powers and becomes a teacher at a new school.

Paco returns to the director’s chair for the prequel, whereas a new cast has been brought in…

Sister Death Netflix movie cast

Check out the central Sister Death Netflix movie cast members alongside their respective roles below:

  • Aria Bedmar as Hermana Narcisa
  • Almudena Amor as Hermana Socorro
  • Maru Valdivielso as Hermana Julia
  • Luisa Merelas as Madre Superiora
  • Chelo Vivares as Hermana Sagrario
  • Consuelo Trujillo as Hermana Muerte
  • Sara Roch as Rosa
  • Olimpia Roch as Elvirita

The likes of Adriana Camarena, Marina Delgado, and Claudia Fernández Arroyo also help make up the supporting cast

Is Sister Death on Netflix dubbed?

Sister Death is originally in the Spanish language and will be presented in Spanish with English subtitles for those in the US, UK, etc.

However, there’s an option to change the audio to the English dub and remove the subtitles for those who wish to. There is a range of other language (dub) options available too.

Sister Death is streaming exclusively on Netflix from Friday, October 27th 2023.

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