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“The joy when I saw my late husband in my dream” woman get relief as late husband drop message for her

After seeing her late spouse in a dream, a Nigerian widow expressed her happiness to internet users on the TikTok app.



"The joy when I saw my late husband in my dream" woman get relief as late husband drop message for her

An exhilarating dream of her husband was revealed by a Nigerian woman who recently lost her husband.

The mother, known on TikTok as @joysilva53, posted a video where she danced joyfully while narrating her dream.

Joy dreamt of her late husband smiling at her

According to Joy, she saw her late hubby in a dream, and he was so full of smiles.

She revealed that he assured her he was fine and appealed to her to care for herself and their children.

In Joy’s words:

“The joy when I saw my late husband in my dream and he was smiling at me and told me to take care of myself and the kids. That he is fine. Thank you Lord for making me to see him this once. It literally feels good to see him once again.”

Reactions as Nigerian woman dreams of late husband

@oliviasolomon5 said:

“When I lost My mum I was blaming myself for her death bcos we were not in good terms then so I dream of her and she told me that she has forgiven me.”

@augustaelikem34 stated:

“I had a dream about my late boyfriend telling me I should exercise patience for myself and everything gonna be fine again with a smile on his face.”

@chisomberry1 said:

“Rip boss I still can’t believe you are no more. We the staff of new view miss u rest well I know the good lord will take care of ur family farewell.”

@noraclemz reacted:

“I kept seeing my uncle until he threatened not2come again if won’t stop crying, he truly stopped coming and showed up again when I really stopped crying.”

@shugaoqhc7n added:

“I really understand how u feel perfectly because I was once in ur shoes, anytime I see my late fiancée in my dream playing with me, am always happy.”

Watch the video below:

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