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The ‘Japanese Ship’ Riddle: Discovering the Effortless Solution That Will Leave You in Awe!

Unlocking the Mystery of the ‘Japanese Ship’ Riddle: A Surprisingly Easy Solution!



The 'Japanese Ship' Riddle: Discovering the Effortless Solution That Will Leave You in Awe!

Solving the Intriguing ‘Japanese Ship’ Riddle: It’s Actually Much Simpler Than You Imagined!

A captivating brain teaser, is winning attention across social media platforms due to its intriguing nature.

In the structure of a detective mystery, this riddle tasks participants with identifying the thief of a ring, presenting an impressively clever challenge.

, needing a shower, left his ring on the table beside his bunk.

Upon his return, he discovered the ring absent. He summoned the suspected sailors, questioning their whereabouts and activities in the preceding quarter of an hour.

The cook said: “I was in the kitchen preparing meat for dinner.”

The engineer said: “I was in the engine room working on the generators.”

The seaman said: “I was on the mast correcting the flag which was hung upside down by mistake.”

The radio officer said: “I was on the radio messaging to the company about our arrival.”

The navigation officer said: “I was asleep in my cabin.”

The captain immediately caught the thief. Who did it?

Japanese Ship riddle answer

The puzpuzle answer is…

  • The seaman did it!

But why?

He went to correct the flag because it was upside down. However, it was a Japanese ship and the Japanese flag is white with a single red circle in the middle. So, it can’t be hung upside down!

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