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    “Thank You Mama”: Man Builds His Mum a House Years after She Worked as a Househelp to Support Him

    One legal professional showed his mother appreciation in the most touching way by building her a dream home

    The man told people that he had to get a house for his mother because she took care of him for years

    People were touched by the story he shared about how hard his beloved mom worked to secure him a good future

    An advocate who made a success of himself honoured his mom with a house. He shared the story of why it is a big milestone for him.

    A man built a house for his mum and shared her story of how hard she worked raising him. image: Twitter/@kbmorota/ Getty Images/Jonathan Torgovnik
    Source: UGC

    People were touched by his story and commented with congratulatory messages. Many peeps said they were also inspired by his story.

    Man builds mom’s home after her years of hard work

    A man @kbmorota shared how his mother singlehandedly supported her entire family.

    The advocate showed that he built his mum a house and posted pictures on Twitter. He said his mother deserves it because she was the sole breadwinner after his father died.

    Social media reactions

    The advocate’s story was especially touching as people in South Africa admire domestic workers. Netizens were moved and commented with heartwarming messages. Many peeps congratulated the man on giving back to his mum.

    @Oh_Guduza commented:

    “Well done dude. You have ensured that future generations in your family will only hear about the term black tax even though it’s not a tax but creation of generational wealth. Well done!”

    @vuyo48154813 commented:

    “That’s my everyday wish to build my mother a house too it’s just so difficult due to financials.”

    @Sirngov1 commented:

    “Your mom is blessed. Many youth out there quickly forget how they got a better life. Happy New Year.”

    @MkhubaEnos commented:

    “What a great thing done this for the old woman.”

    @Nimeega commented:

    “I pray I get to do this someday soon too. This woman deserves the very best things.”

    @_LexM commented:

    “This is beautiful. I hope the good Lord blesses you and continues to give you means to do beautiful things.”

    @JustDzonzi commented:

    “This is beautiful.”

    Man builds his mum a house

    Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a man had built his mum a house.

    According to him, his mother had complained to him about where she lived previously.

    In a TikTok video, he showcased the poor state of her previous abode and then the lovely new house with a small view of its interior.

    The grateful son said he decided to build the new house for his other because she deserves more. He could be seen spraying money on her in the TikTok clip.

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