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“Teachers at Risk”: Secondary School Students in Short Skirts Shake Waists Without Fear, Clip Trends on TikTok

A group of secondary school students got many people talking with the way they danced in their classroom wearing short skirts

One of them in skin net had a skirt bumped up to make it really short during their performance

Social media users wanted to know their school’s name as some said they could easily put their male teachers in trouble

A video of some secondary school students dancing in their classroom has got thousands of reactions on TikTok.

One of them had her skirt especially short though she wore skin pantyhose. Many people could not believe how freely they behaved as students.

The girls had no fear while making the video. Photo source: @nompe007
Source: TikTok

Girls dance to amapiano

At the clip’s start, a girl in braids left as another came into view to join the student with the short skirt. They both performed to an amapiano sound.

Many people in the video’s comment section said they would be quite a challenge to their male teachers in school.

Watch the video below:

Male teachers in trouble, netizens say

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 1000 comments with more than 97,000 likes.

Below are some of the reactions:

mantrix said:

“I know their teachers with case in court.”

reasonphiri said:

“Let them post their matric results when they are out.”

nyabksh said:

“Then now male teachers. I think some have a case to answer.”

owami said:

“What did you do to the skirt?”

slickyagyei joked:

“These are mothers not students.”

usermusaazihuzaifah said:

“I know ur future job per now.”


“Teachers are at a big risk.”

kidegapauldesmond said:

“Instead of revising there books.”

Josephine Kobar Yol said:

“The gal in the folded skirt is that one bad apple every parent fears.”

Another group of students dance

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN earlier reported that a video shared by user1048329146588 showed some ladies in secondary school uniforms as they made small talk as friends would.

Their school uniforms were well-sewn and looked so neat. Some of them twerked a bit in the video, leaving many to wonder what kind of secondary school they are in.

Among those who reacted to their video were TikTokers who suggested that they may be external students who just had to wear uniforms to write their WAEC exams.

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