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“Talk To Your Daughter”: Nigerian Woman in Germany Cries out over What a Teacher Gave Her Child at School

  • A Nigerian woman residing in Germany has lamented on social media over a device her daughter was given at school
  • She said she found a light shining on her daughter’s shirt and found out it was from a device a teacher gave the child
  • The confused woman sought help from netizens in unravelling what the device is and appealed to the government for help

A Nigerian woman residing in Germany has raised an alarm over the device a teacher at school gave her daughter.

Showcasing the device on TikTok, she said she found out about it after seeing something producing light on her daughter’s shirt.

Talk To Your Daughter Nigerian Woman in Germany Cries out over What a Teacher Gave Her Child at School
She showcased the recording device her daughter was given Photo Credit orakol8princessmairmaid<br>Source TikTok

When she asked her daughter, the kid told her it was courtesy of a teacher. She said the teacher told her to hang it to protect them from thieves.

According to the kid, the teacher said the device would aid in apprehending any thief that shows up at the house.

The woman said it looks like a recorder and appealed to the government to come to her aid while also asking netizens to identify what the device is.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions


“Please be very careful.”

Princess Bola said:

“Talk to your daughter . she must have said something at school. But all the same the teacher or school should have invited you first. to discuss.”

Adesina Sam Oluwasegun Change said:

“Your child complained in school… that’s a voice recorder… They will do same to their citizens.”


“She told something in school that y dey is not camera is mic for record just beware of what you tell her or things you do in front of her.”

ayemerekelvinomoi said:

“That is a bug, there is something your child said in school they want to get full clarity of what they are expecting. be careful dear.”

Nelito1472 said:

“Your child must have said something about the family to the teacher. from all indication, the teacher wants to know more about your family.”

Son of Joseph said:

“Hello this is not a camera but a voice recorder and maybe your child complain to the teacher say u dey beat am.”

Mum grows suspicious as daughter returns home with chalk

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a mum had grown suspicious after her daughter returned home with a piece of chalk.

The mother had grown suspicious and worried that her little daughter always returned from school with a particular short piece of chalk.

When probed, the little girl insisted that it was from her teacher and wouldn’t let anyone touch the chalk. The worried mother rushed to her daughter’s school to share her experience, and there she found out that it was the teacher’s way of teaching the little girl how to keep things safe.

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