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Study List: Nigerian Man Labels Certain University Courses as ‘Useless’



Study List: Nigerian Man Labels Certain University Courses as 'Useless'

In the vast expanse of Nigerian academia, a gentlecritic known only as Brooda John, brands certain fields of study as “inactive” within the nation’s universities. 

Law, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Agriculture, Sociology, Political science, Business Administration, English Language, and several others have made it onto his list of seemingly ineffectual courses. 

Brooda John elaborates that the titles bestowed upon these courses do not rise to their promise of serving a worthy cause in the actualization of academic curiosities of the students or proffering solutions to critical societal concerns in Nigeria, leading to his denigration of their worthiness. 

Like the strike of a gong in a still market square, an internet denizen, an X user previously known as @Nigeriangod, has publicly endorsed and broadcasted Brooda John’s critique of Nigerian academia, catapulting this catalogue of “inactive courses” into the wide public orbit of the Nigerian intersphere. 

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Law are included amongst the assembly of these subjects. Others are Business Administration, Sociology, Political science and more. This critical examination laid bare by Nigerian academics continues to generate a stream of discussions.

He said the listed courses are not worthy to be studied in Nigeria.

Nigerians react as man lists “useless courses” to study

The post has continued to generate a lot of reactions from Nigerians both at home and abroad.


Same Law wey I study for naija come dey use chop for obodo oyinbo!? Dey play


I studied Biochemistry…and i agree with you


Remove vet medicine from this list if you don’t want what happened in 2003 to repeat itself


How are they useless? They can be stepping stone for good masters in the abroad


Microbiology? You must be a JOKE! I know a microbiologist in Abuja earning in $. Huge money in Naira. #18m monthly. That’s just basic salary.


You see that Political Science, you need to loud it with speaker.


I know this is a dig at the legal system, but lawyers are out here making money in Nigeria regardless. Might be one of the few professions where people are reliably making good money steadily, but I’m assuming like anywhere else to get in you need connections.


Oga comot Vet Medicine for the list. If Vet medicine go dey the list then human medicine sef suppose dey.


I have found it hard to disagree with this list. Unfortunately, everything is here useless in Nigeria because there is no value placed on them.

The LAW in particular, is meant to be scrabbed after encountering these broad daylight ordeal with the judiciary and how 2023 has exposed all the flaws, corruption and most importantly showed how the Nigerian constitution is set up to protect criminals and prosecute/oppress justice for the poor and innocent. There is no law in Nigeria because the police who are meant to uphold it are the accomplices and enablers of the destruction of the LAW. It’s a dead country, and it has no rule of law that governs it from the impurities wrecking it consistently.


Wow, that’s quite a list you’ve got there! But hey, let’s not be too quick to judge. While some might consider these courses “useless,” they can actually open doors to interesting career paths and opportunities. It’s all about finding your passion and making the most of it!

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