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    Story of Lagos hawker who sells sausage in traffic, makes N1m monthly

    Story of Lagos hawker who sells sausage in traffic, makes N1m monthly

    A Nigerian man identified as Chinedu Okorafor has turned hawking into a money-spinner for himself as the trader makes N1 million every month from his trade.

    Okorafor, who moved from the eastern part of the country to Lagos in 2016 with only N1,000, two shirts and two trousers, hawks in Lagos traffic.

    According to Aito Osemegbe Joseph on LinkedIn, before the trader started making N1 million monthly, he travelled to his village some time ago and was adored because of his Lagos story. gathers that the trader returned to Lagos with 12 young men who would also start hawking in traffic. Okorafor became their mentor and wholesale supplier of sausage, and was making a 30% profit off their supposed profit.

    Joseph said: “Apart from providing them a dream to aspire to, he paid for their accommodation and routinely organised dinner after a long day running to and fro Lagos roads.”

    According to Joseph, Chinedu did not get off the street even when he became a wholesale supplier. Okorafor hawks alongside the boys that buy sausage from him.

    Joseph said: “By the end of 2018, about two years after coming to Lagos, he had over 100 young men and women who were buying consumer goods directly from him, at least, once in a week.”

    The trader later diversified by including wafers, carbonated drinks and chips in the list of what he sells.

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