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    Stephanie Rose Bongiovi today now: net worth, ig, age, husband, wikipedia, Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter?

    Stephanie Rose Bongiovi today now: net worth, ig, age, husband, wikipedia

    Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, is a well-known celebrity in her own right. Rose has worked as a model, a production assistant, a camera operator, and in media organizations, among other things.

    Stephanie Rose Bongiovi today now
    On November 26, 2013 in London, England, Stephanie and her mother Dorothea attended the Winter Whites Gala in aid of Centrepoint. Images courtesy of Centrepoint/Getty Images.
    Picture Credits: Getty

    As a result of drug use, the model became a media sensation in 2012. In the end, what more can we learn about her? All the facts of her life are contained in her bio.

    Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s biography

    He was born in New Jersey, the United States, and grew up in the area. Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley are the parents of Stephanie Rose Bongiovi. While Hurley owns a restaurant and teaches karate, his best friend, Jon, is a well-known singer and composer.

    Stephanie Rose Bongiovi height
    As a guest of Bon Jovi musician Richie Sambora and designer Nikki Lund, the model attends the White Trash Beautiful Clothing Label Launch at Indig02. Photographer: Dave M. Benett
    Picture Credits: Getty

    Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Age

    The model’s date of birth is listed as May 31st, 1993. Stephanie Rose Bongiovi will turn 28 in 2021.


    Prior to attending the New School, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi attended Hamilton College. She graduated in May 2017 with a liberal arts degree.

    When Stephanie was a freshman at Hamilton College, she was found asleep in her dorm room after using narcotics. A medical team was able to save her life.

    Stephanie contacted her father as soon as she woke up, and he was there to help her. At this point, Jon had only learned that his daughter had a drug addiction.

    Both Rose and a fellow student were detained for drug possession and criminal use of narcotics paraphernalia in the aftermath of the incident. Because of their quick release, she has since been sober.

    What does Stephanie Rose Bongiovi do for a living?

    Rose has done various things for her career. One of these was serving as a waitress at her parents’ restaurant. She has also worked as an intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewarts, a production intern at Vice Media LLC, and a production assistant for The Weinstein Company.

    Currently, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s job is that of a model, camera operator, and freelance production assistant. She was a model at Nikki Lund’s White Trash Beautiful fashion show, which happened in London and has been involved in various other modelling projects.

    Is Stephanie Bongiovi on Impractical Jokers?

    Impractical Jokers camera operator Bongiovi has worked on the show. Among the areas in which she is excelling, she has a strong interest in media.

    Jon Bon Jovi’s children

    Rose was raised by three brothers, and she is the oldest of the bunch. Stephanie, Jacob, Jesse, and Romeo are Jon Bon Jovi’s children.

    Stephanie Rose Bongiovi family
    Winter Whites Gala in aid of Centrepoint on November 26, 2013: Stephanie Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi Romeo Dorothea Bongiovi and Jacob Bongiovi. Featured Image: Ben Pruchnie for Centrepoint via Getty Images
    Picture Credits: Getty

    Dorothea Hurley’s children have a strong foundation in martial arts and self-defense because to their mother’s career as a karate teacher.

    Because she is Jon’s first child, their relationship is particularly close, and he had a unique experience in raising her. He hoped there was a guide to parenting a baby since he found it difficult.

    Stephanie was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving home and have a good relationship with her father. It’s on his 2000 album Crush that he penned a song for her called I Got the Girl. When her father performed the song on stage, Stephanie was just seven years old.

    One of his music tours in 2017 saw Stephanie join her father on stage as he played the song This House Is Not For Sale.

    Is Stephanie Rose Bongiovi married?

    The exact status of Bongiovi’s personal life is unknown at this time. She’s done a good job of keeping her private life out of the public eye.

    Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s net worth

    Rose’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million, according to Forbes. As a model, camera operator, and production assistant, she earns a substantial amount of money each year.

    Steph Rose Bongiovi is a talented model, camera operator, and production assistant. As the daughter of Jon Bon Jovi, she has built a reputation for herself by pursuing her dreams and following her heart.

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