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Step-Mother Initiates Step-Daughter’s Eviction from Home After Husband’s Untimely Death (Reddit story)

Heartbreaking Tale: ‘Wicked’ Step-Mother Files for Step-Daughter’s Eviction Following Husband’s Demise



Step-Mother Seeks Eviction of Step-Daughter After Husband’s Death: The Shocking Story Unveiled.

‘Wicked’ Step-Mother’s Cruelty: Step-Daughter’s Forced Eviction after Husband Passes Away.

 A peculiar Reddit post titled ‘AITA for getting a house of mine condemned’ has sparked numerous questions about the morality of a stepmother who demands rent from her stepdaughter following her husband’s demise.

Step-Mother Initiates Step-Daughter's Eviction from Home After Husband's Untimely Death

For getting a house of mine condemned” has sparked a debate among users regarding the morality of the original poster’s (OP’s) actions.

OP’s husband bought an old house before his death

The OP is 33 and her husband has passed away. She notes that her husband bought an old house before his death which was apparently an old money family’s hunting lodge. He wanted to fix up this house but could not do it while he was alive. She says the old house was the only luxury her husband spent money on.

The OP’s husband had two daughters from his previous relationship. She says she’s had an “okay relationship” with one of his daughters and the “other daughter has always been difficult.” She notes how the “difficult” daughter had a boyfriend who abandoned her after having a kid with her.

“After the boyfriend left her, my husband and I let her live in the house rent-free,” the OP claims. She further notes that the daughter was supposed to start paying rent but, when the OP’s husband got sick, they could not communicate on the topic. However, the OP has decided to set the matter straight with her now. 

“Aita for getting a house of mine condemned” story explored

When the OP’s husband dies his wealth is divided between herself, his nephew, and their four-year-old son. Surprisingly his daughters don’t get a piece of the cake, which is something many readers questioned. The OP then tells her stepdaughter that she is going to have to pay $900/month in exchange for her living in two adjoining rooms of the old house and also for using the kitchen.

Her stepdaughter notes how it will be too hard for her given she is a single mom. The OP then contacts her lawyers to file for eviction. However, given that eviction takes longer in her state, the OP’s daughter has been living at the old house for four months despite the filing.

When the OP sent her agents to inspect the house’s condition they told her it could easily be condemned. For the unversed, a property is condemned when the government seeks to take it from the owner. In such cases, the tenant has to immediately leave despite not being evicted.

“So now my stepdaughter and her kid is being forced out immediately and she is furious and says she could have made do and I was leaving her homeless,” the OP says.

Step-Mother Initiates Step-Daughter's Eviction from Home After Husband's Untimely Death

Reddit users weigh in

The Reddit post left users with more questions.

“Why did you, your son, and your nephew get everything?? Why did your late husband and you allow the one daughter to move into a house that was so broken down? What are you going to do with that now condemned house?” one reader asked.

Some thought the OP was giving “wicked stepmother vibes.”

“Sure but why disinherit the other daughter? If OP got along with her then it can’t be that she had a terrible relationship with her father. I honestly think she’s a “wicked stepmother”” a second user said.

Others simply questioned how old the OP’s husband was, suspecting she could be a “gold digger.”

“Since OP leaves out age of husband, seems like she’s a gold digger or this is a fake story…..” said a user.

“This stinks and if the story is true, OP is not a good person,” another said.

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