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“Started Having Kids at 19”: Omotola Warms Hearts As She Flaunts Her Grown Son, Enters His Car the 1st Time

Nigerian seasoned actress Omotola Jalade looked back at how it all started and was grateful for how life started for her

The screen goodness revealed that she gave birth to her first child at the age of 19, and recounted how the journey has been for her so far

The revelation into the celebrity’s history was sparked by her excitement to enter her son’s car for the first time, as she shared a video of the moment

Seasoned actress Omotola Jalade is living up to her bragging rights as she flaunted her grown-up son Micky, who came to pick her up in his car.

The screen goddess revealed that she had her first child early, making her a young mother to her adult children.

“Started Having Kids at 19”: Omotola Warms Hearts As She Flaunts Her Grown Son, Enters His Car the 1st Time

Taking to her Instagram story, Channel Omotola noted that people would not be able to understand the struggle she went through as a 19-year-old mother.

However, she noted that she gave birth to her son, Micky, at the age of 24.

“I started having kids at the age of 19, so you do not understand the journey. Had micky at the age of 24, so hey, let me feel young again.”

See her post below.

Social media users hail Omotola


“That is one beautiful thing about birthing kids early.”


“Happy the husband did not YULogize the marriage or Adekaz the home. May we eat the fruit of our labour ohh.”

melaningoddexx’s profile picture:

“They really admired couple this much,I love how long lasting that maid love is,this is one of the pecks of marrying older man,they are patient in everything and know how to keep women.”


“So beautiful to watch. It’s Good to have your kids early. ❤️”

Kiekie celebrates first Mother’s Day

Kiekie left many gushing after she shared a cute video of her and her baby girl as she marks her first Mother’s Day celebration.

Kiekie, who welcomed her baby in 2022, was excited to join other mothers in this year’s celebration as she prayed to God to give her wisdom to be a great mum for her daughter.

The skit maker wrote:

“I get to experience my first Mother’s Day with you, Oluwashonaolami This is definitely a Blessing I’ll forever be grateful for.”

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