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“Some Days I No Baff, I Smoke Like 3 Packets of Cigar”: Chidi Mokeme on Becoming Scar, Fans React

Veteran Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme continues to receive applause for his riveting performance as Scar in the Netflix blockbuster, Shanty Town

The actor alongside colleague Ini Edo recently had a chat with BBC Pidgin and shared some of their processes working on the film

Mokeme recounted how he didn’t bath on some days and how it became a battle of sorts to shed the character after he was done filming

Nigerian actor Chidi Mokeme is currently receiving his flowers from fans and supporters from different parts of the world following his rousing performance in the Nollywood blockbuster, Shanty Town.

The veteran actor and his colleague, Ini Edo, who also doubles as an executive producer on the project, recently had a chat with BBC Pidgin and talked through their processes.

Some Days I No Baff I Smoke Like 3 Packets of Cigar Chidi Mokeme on Becoming Scar Fans React
Chidi Mokeme on becoming Scar in Shanty Town Photo chidimokeme<br>Source Instagram

Mokeme mentioned how challenging it was to work his way into becoming Scar, one of the major characters in the production.

The actor recounted going days without having his bath, brushing his mouth haphazardly and even proceeding to go bald all to bring the character to life.

Mokeme said he also had to rely on smoking cigarettes heavily to become one and the same as the character he played.

For the movie star, it eventually became a struggle of sorts to return to his normal self after he finished filming the project.

Edo, on the other hand, addressed the issue of female body displays in the series and how it was all intentional and aimed at telling an authentic story.

Watch them speak below:

Social media users react

nigeriastreet_facts_ said:

“The scar never comot for your body. E still over dey. You and Jobe jojo.”

frau_favour said:

“Ah God Abeg oh, make scar Comot for Ur body Abeg .Film don finish. Abi scar wan resurrect????”

dera_billionaire said:

“He ate his role, such a natural ❤️.”

basketscratesng said:

“He is even still sounding like scar in the interview! Scar abeg comot body o .”

oluwaremu said:

“I will honestly say Chidi lived in the role. He completely took the character and lived it. From mannerism, expression to delivery he was . He made me root and have compassion for a villain for the fist time in a long while. .. the movie was a good watch tbh… well done guys.”

idowu_ally said:

“E come still be like say na Scar be this for this interview.”

Uche Maduagwu shares his two cents about Shanty Town

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN reported that controversial actor Uche Maduagwu shared his opinion about the trending Nollywood series, Shanty Town.

According to Maduagwu, the series was overhyped as he added that the storyline was uninteresting. He, however, stressed that the cinematography and production were top-notch.

“Go and make your own to win OSCAR and stop spoiling other peoples hard work,” an Ig user wrote in response to the actor.

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