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“So Far as You Are Happy”: Curvy Lady Poses With Her Diminutive Husband, Viral Video Trends on TikTok

So Far as You Are Happy Curvy Lady Poses With Her Diminutive Husband Viral Video Trends on TikTok

A curvy lady has gone viral after posting a video to show off her husband who has a small stature.

The lady said she and her small-looking husband are happy souls as they posed for photos.

TikTok users are showing them support and people are telling them to move on and enjoy their marriage provided they are happy.

A short video of a lady and her husband who has a small stature has gone viral and got no fewer than 300k views.

The curvy young lady posted the video on TikTok to show how she and her man are enjoying their marriage.

The beautiful lady with the TikTok handle, @www.kahboh collaged two photographs in which she and her man got pictured in different positions.

Video of a lady and her small-looking hubby
In one of the photos, her man was standing in front of her while she had her hands on his shoulders in a romantic manner.

In another photo, the man was standing behind her and clutching her waist in a very sweet way.

People on TikTok are admiring the lady and her husband. She has said that both of them are happy souls.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users
@onyinyechi said:

“So long y’all are happy.”
@danilove asked:

“What is stopping me from marrying?”
@Gabriella Tiwaah reacted:

“May this smile never fades from your face.”
@kingfish said:

“Even in school I always used shortcuts methods.”
@Winnie commented:

“As long as you’re happy chomy.”
@Anita Ivie said:

“So this is love. Huhuhuhu.”
@Mommaslv2 said:

“The kind of noise in comment section.”
@ssemakulafahad4 reacted:

“Let us know if it’s love or money.”
@d_j_e_s_e_love said:

“I like the “happy souls” caption I’m happy for you guys genuinely.”
@Keesha Sinclair commented:

“Well dam!!! Love is in the air.”

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