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“Smart Kid”: Nigerian Man Turns His 1 Room to a ‘Palace’, Adds Fine Toilet & Bedroom in it, Video Goes Viral

A video showing a single empty room that was transformed into an en-suite apartment has caused an uproar on social media

A man who was responsible for the redesigning and renovation has opened up on what it cost him to do it

The hotel apartment-like room now has a toilet, a bedroom and a small living room with nice furniture

A creative Nigerian man turned an empty single room into an en-suite apartment in style.

The man took to TikTok to show off the before versus after look of the apartment, revealing that it cost him less than N300k to come about.

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He said that it cost less than N300k to do. Photo Credit: TikTok/@motionliine
Source: UGC

In the clip, what started as an empty room, now had a small living room, bedroom and toilet. The newly created apartment rooms were equipped tastefully with standard and nice household items and furniture.

For the toilet, he added a heater, while the bedroom had an air conditioner by the side. A flat-screen television set was seen in the living room.

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When quizzed by netizens, the man revealed that he made the toilet himself.

“It was just a single room without toilet… I carved out the toilet from the room.”

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

baddyace said:

“Lie lie…only air conditioner na how much,then furniture,then tv,then fridge,n bed…uncle stop lying.”

Vinjustice said:

“This is really awesome. Would you consider going solar? So that you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply?”

Savage replies said:

“I hope you know the owner might have bought the rest things and just paid for furnitures and screeding/pop.”

Vis Ashi_Official said:

“He charge 300k for the job, for painting, wiring tilling. not the furnitures I guess.”

obinna said:

“U show us single room finish come use hotel room show us final result. smartkid.

“Just dey play.”

user4275688586309 said:

“Is the way the windows changed position for me.”

Kingsley said:

“This is more than 1m sef, make una take am easy Dey lie.”

Lady arranges house to look like a VIP hotel room

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a lady had arranged a house to look like a VIP hotel room.

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At the entrance of the apartment is her gas cylinder. Beside it was her cooker, kitchen cabinet and fridge. The kitchen part of the house was well arranged.

The lady placed her bed in the rear section of the room and complemented the space with a beautifully made wardrobe. Her L-shaped couch not only adds class to her room’s look, but it also serves as a partition between the parlour and the space used for the kitchen and bedroom.

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