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Simi’s mother says she used to boast about her daughter’s virginity (video)




In many African cultures, virginity is a big deal. The state of being a virgin as a woman denotes that she has kept herself pure. A woman who is found to be a virgin is carried in high esteem and used as an example to other women.

Nigerian singer Simi was shocked when her mother told her that she used to boast about her chastity in church. The singer showed her surprise in a video she posted on her social media page.

The entertainer shared a one minute clip from her new show which would soon be launched on her YouTube channel. The programme which is titled, Stoopid Sessions, revealed the singer and her friends talking about different topics.

In one of the episodes, Simi sat with her mother who was heard saying that she used to boast in her church about her daughter’s virginity.

“Even in my church, I used to tell people that my daughter is a virgin o, that she is going to marry as a virgin,” Simi’s mother said, to her daughter’s surprise.

The singer seemed to be hearing that from her mother for the first time as she expressed her surprise while repeating her mother’s statement to her. The entertainer’s mother nodded, reiterating her statement. She said that she was telling the truth.

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