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Side chick sets man’s marriage on spiritual fire after breaking up with her



A former girlfriend of a married man has gone the extreme of launching a spiritual attack on the gentleman’s marriage after he decided to break up with her.

The wife of the man narrated the story to a popular social media relationship counsellor called Joro Olumofin.

According to the wife who decided not to disclose her name, the husband had had the side girlfriend for years and she (the side lady) aborted two pregnancies for him during that period.

Side chick sets man's marriage

To make matters worse the lady indicated in the narrative that the husband had fakely promised the side girl that he would marry her and more.

Owing to her feeling entitled, the side woman has decided to approach her revenge from the realm of the spirit.

The lady indicates that her seven-year-old daughter has been having sleepless nights for many months, always screaming loudly in the night.

The most shocking part is that the small girl has not seen the side woman before but has perfectly described her to the parents as the person who has been attacking her when she sleeps.

The wife further indicates that she has been using anointing oil to pray with her daughter which have made her screams reduce a bit.

It is not known how events will unfold in the future as the side lady who was confronted by the man over the attacks, said it was just the beginning.

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