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She Understood the Assignment”: Little Girl Catwalks on Runway Like a Pro, People Stare in Sweet Video

A video shared via popular app, TikTok, captures a beautiful little girl walking down the runway like a professional

In a sweet clip, the little girl catwalked in the presence of people before moving to the judges’ table

On getting there, she displayed her modelling moves and everyone clapped and encouraged her

A bold and beautiful little girl amazed everyone after participating in a modelling competition.

A sweet video showed the little girl displaying her modelling skills in the presence of adults and some children.

She Understood the Assignment": Little Girl Catwalks on Runway Like a Pro, People Stare in Sweet Video
Little girl walks down runway Photo Credit: @iyabongwa/TikTok
Source: UGC

Dressed in a fine yellow gown, the little girl walked down the runway like a professional, crossing her legs as she walked.

Her facial expression and visible show of confidence impressed netizens who clapped and cheered her on.

In the short clip, the little girl was spotted walking towards the judges and displaying her spectacular modelling moves with so much swag.

Social media reactions

@laydmm1 said:

“She understood the assignment.

@lesliem_du stated:

“So confident, holding her head up high, I pray that God will continue to bless and strengthen her mom to continue to raise her in God’s way.”

@masechabagladysmachakela reacted:

“Yassssssss it’s the catwalk and posture for me.”

@katcheeze said:

“Wow. The confidence in her is out of this world Mummy take care of this Queen.”

@siphethilemaling reacted:

“Continue my baby u will become Miss World, Come back to this comment after a few years.”

@hendrik_divine said:

“The elegance in her walk.”

@zimekazi added:

“She just took me back when I was still young, I am so emotional right now. Ay she is going far, uyabona nje.”

@gwendi07 noted:

“Our future miss south africa. This dont need negotiations. The parents must support her.”

@vertuelm added:

“A professional. The way she is dragging those legggsss! Honey.”

Watch the video below:

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Kid steals the show at fashion show

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that akid has become an internet sensation after a stunt she pulled on adults at a fashion event. A short video by @pubity on Instagram reposted by @mufasatundeednut showed the kid storm the runway with a carriage and countenance that is commonplace with professional runway models.

The smiling girl prodded forward in her fine pink dress and stopped half way to strike killer poses for the thrilled guests. She made poses like a model trying to impress the judges. The kid’s display got the guests clapping for her. After her showcase, she is then led off the stage by an adult.

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@cacosahairs remarked: “See how everyone applauded her? Nigerians need to learn to let kid’s be kids. They’ll be forcing little kids to catwalk like Naomi Campbell and the atmosphere won’t be so welcoming because most people in the audience would be looking for fault so they can laugh.”

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