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“She Sleeps in Different Hotels”: Regina Daniels Shares Encounter With 14-Yr-Old on Set, Calls Out Colleagues

Regina Daniels, in a video, highlighted the different ways and instances young girls are taken advantage of in the movie industry

The actress shared her encounter on set with a 14-year-old who was a makeup artiste and had been going from set to set working with different people

Regina also revealed how she took the girl to a boarding school and rescued her from child labour

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has called on her colleagues and crew members in the movie industry to stop taking advantage of young girls who want a shot at fame.

The billionaire’s wife revealed that she got to a movie set and encountered a 14-year-old working for a young man as a makeup artist instead of being in school.

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Regina Daniels calls out colleagues over child labour Photo credit reginadaniels<br>Source Instagram

Upon questioning, the young girl revealed that she left her parent’s house at 13 to hustle and has worked with celebrities and crew members.

On who was responsible for her, Regina was shocked to find out that the girl followed anyone who allowed her to their hotel rooms, man or woman, and refused advances from men.

Even though Regina did not go through any wild experiences as a young actress in the industry because of her mum Rita Daniels, she urged those with similar experiences to look out for girls like the 14-year-old.

To the objection of many on set who thought the girl was a lost cause, Regina took her to a boarding school and was pleasantly surprised to see how well she passed her entrance exam.

The mum of two then urged her colleagues in the industry to do better and stop child labour on movie sets.

She wrote:


Watch the video below:

Netizens react to Regina’s post


“You’re so intelligent.”


“Gina Gina Gina ha i just fell in love with you again and again super proud of you. God bless you!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”


“God bless you Regina, this is really touching.”


“I have never commented on any of your posts but this one, I must say ‘Thank you so much’. You are gold and rare.”


“Thank you for helping the young girl God bless and answer all your prayers.”


“Abeg madam go and rest ..u are not in the position to talk this talk u are talking now old is ur junior sister that is already coming out Naked on social media old were u when the gave u out to ur grand father …someone else can give this talk but not u abeg.”


“@regina.daniels How old are you when you married Ned na u now wan advice Nigerian gals, u shud be in school by now waiting to graduate that’s what ur mates are doing.”

Regina Daniels gushes as lookalike 2nd son clocks 8 months

Popular Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels, celebrated her second son, Khalifa Nwoko, on social media to the joy of her many fans.

On her official Instagram page, the movie star shared an adorable photo of her child as she revealed that he was now eight months old.

In the photo, Kharl, as he is also called, was seen sporting a stern look as he rocked his designer outfit and sat inside his parent’s luxury car.

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