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    “She Shakes it Better”: Old Woman in Gown Dances by Roadside with Waist, Video of Her Sweet Moves Goes Viral

    The dance step of an old woman has made her a viral sensation on TikTok where her video has been viewed over 900k times

    The woman who is clearly a fun lover stood by the roadside and shook her waist strongly like a young, sweet sixteen

    TikTok users simply can’t get enough of the video as they heap praises on the woman for her entertaining dance style

    A TikTok video has shown an old woman who knows how to dance as she stood by the roadside and shook her waist.

    In the trending video posted by @Umaka_galz, the woman danced energetically with a bottle of drink in her hand.

    The old woman danced with her waist by the roadside. Photo credit: TikTok/@umaka_galz.
    Source: UGC

    Dressed in a fitted gown, the woman dropped her drink on the ground when she wanted to do a new move that involved touching the floor.

    Old woman whines waist, shakes her behind

    In the video, she first began the dance with her body, shaking all parts and making good use of her hands for gestures.

    But as the dance progressed, she switched to the use of her waist. She shook it violently, but accurately to the sound of the music.

    There is no doubt in the minds of all who have seen the video that the woman is a good dancer.

    Watch the video below:

    Reactions from TikTok users


    “Life is short! Enjoy your life to the full. Love strong women.”

    @Mapulesithole commented:

    “Our parents deserves happiness as well.”

    @user4183758246545 said:

    “In life when you skip a stage you must walk it back at older age.”

    @Phuthi Elisa Masemola commented:

    “This song reminds her of the good old days.”

    @Tiana said:

    “l don’t know how many bottles did that.”

    @Sandy commented

    “Life is short we enjoy every minute.”

    @user829089175943 said:

    “She is shaking better than most!”

    @Hanny.wa.Bobi said:

    “Just incase she kicks that bottle by mistake.”

    Video of woman dancing in the middle of the road

    In a related story, WOTHAPPEN reported that a woman danced in the middle of the road and she absolutely nailed it.

    The woman was hailed by her fans online for her modest dress sense. This is because she was perfectly dressed in a nice gown.

    Her dance moves were so nice that netizens asked for more of her powerful steps.

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