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Shaun Holguin biography, age, marriage, net worth, other updates



Shaun Holguin biography, age, marriage, net worth, and other updates.

Shaun Holguin biography, age, marriage, net worth, and other updates.

Shaun Holguin is a Los Angeles Police Department officer and celebrity ex-husband. Furthermore, Shaun Holguin is best known as Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband.

Shaun Holguin Biography & Profile Summary

Full Name:Shaun Holguin
Born Date:29 Jun 1978
Age:43 years
Lucky Number:6
Lucky Stone:Moonstone
Lucky Color:Silver
Best Match for Marriage:Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio
Profession:Police officer
Marital Status:married
DivorceJodie Sweetin
Eye Colorbrown eyes
Hair Colorblack hair
Birth PlaceHuntington Beach, California

Shaun Holguin Height And Weight

In terms of physical appearance, he has brown eyes and black hair. However, there is no other information available about his height, weight, or other body measurements.

Shaun Holguin Career

Shaun Holguin is an American police officer in his professional life. Furthermore, he has not revealed any other information about his profession. He rose to prominence after marrying an American actress, Jodie Sweetin.

When she was four years old, she appeared in a hot dog commercial. Jodie Sweetin made her television debut at the age of five in the American sitcom Valerie in 1987. She portrayed Pamela in the show’s second season’s Boston Tea Party episode, which aired on January 4, that year. She played Leia in the 2012 television film Singled Out. During the 22nd season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, she competed.

Because of her precociousness and charming smile, producers Thomas Miller and Robert Boyett spotted her and went on to create the sitcom Full House as a result. Her prominent career peak came after this period in her life. She starred as Stephanie Tanner in the television sitcom Full House. This was the most well-known role Jodie ever played.

After Pants-off Dance-off ended in 1995, she returned to television by hosting the second season of the Fuse TV show. In the dark comedy TV pilot Small Bits of Happiness, she played a suicide prevention specialist, and it won Best Comedy at the 3rd Annual Independent Television Festival in Los Angeles.

In 2009, Jodie worked on independent films, including Port City and Redefining Love. In 2011, she also appeared in five episodes of the online series Can’t Get Arrested. Similarly, she played Leia in the 2012 TV film Singled Out.

Shaun has been married twice in his life. Furthermore, he is married to an unknown woman. According to reports, the couple has children. He now resides in Corona, California, with his family. He has remained completely out of the spotlight since his divorce from his first wife, actress Jodie Sweetin.

On July 27, 2002, Jodie and Shaun married at Casa Del Mur in Santa Monica, California. The couple divorced in 2006 due to Jodie’s drug addiction. As of now, this police officer is not involved in any controversy or rumors and is concentrating on his career.

Shaun Holguin Marriage with Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin, who is well-known for having up to three ex-husbands, married Shaun. Shaun was a Los Angeles police officer at the time.

Jodie Sweetin and Shaun Holguin

The couple tied the knot but split up as soon as the marriage became a union – metaphorically. For example, they met in 2000, married on July 27, 2002, and divorced in 2006.

The couple had been together for less than five years.

Shaun Holguin Divorce

Shaun Holguin had only been recorded as being involved with one woman. He has not been officially reported to be in a relationship with another woman since divorcing his ex-wife Jodie in 2006. Despite this, a source claims that the couple had a child together prior to their divorce in 2006. However, no information about the aforementioned child is available on the Internet.

Shaun divorced Jodie for what reason? Unfortunately, a sizable proportion of those who are aware that this couple has divorced are unaware of the reason for this action. So, let us briefly open your eyes to the facts surrounding their divorce.

Shaun married Jodie Sweetin in 2002 after they had been dating for two years. Unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived due to irreconcilable differences.

Shaun is a police officer in the United States, whereas Jodie Sweetin is an American actress. From a distance, this does not appear to be a bad situation, but closer inspection reveals that Jodie is involved in a shady business and abuses drugs.

Shaun did not realize his wife was a drug addict until some time after their marriage because Jodie claimed to have been taking her drugs out of Shaun’s sight, sometimes in the bathroom.

When he asked Jodie what she was up to, she didn’t hesitate to tell him the truth. Despite knowing, Shaun attempted to manage her condition by assisting her in contacting a treatment facility where she had previously spent six months.

This did not improve her condition and would tarnish Shaun’s reputation, so he had no choice but to leave Jodie in 2006.

Jordie Sweetin, Shaun’s ex-wife

Shaun has kept to himself since they split up, but Jodie married Cody Heroin, a film transportation coordinator, in the same year and married him in July 2007. Jodie gave birth to her daughter Zoie on April 12, 2008, and married Cody the following year – but the marriage was also short-lived.

Jodie had been in several failed marriages following Cody’s because of her drug addiction.

Jodie gave birth to her second child, Beatrix, with her lover Morty Coyle on August 31, 2010; they married in a private wedding ceremony in 2011. Morty and Jodie’s relationship did not work out, and Jodie filed for divorce in 2013, which was finalized in September 2015.

Jodie, on the other hand, moved on to be with Justin Hodak. After dating for two years, they got engaged in 2016. The following year, in 2017, Jodie broke up with Justin, and that was her last known encounter with any lover.

Shaun Holguin Net Worth In 2023

Shaun has yet to receive any awards or recognition for his work. However, Jodie, her ex-wife, has won some of them in her professional career. She won the Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Comedienne in a Television Series in 1990. (Full House). She has also received the Experience, Strength, and Hope Award from Writers in Treatment.

In terms of Shaun’s net worth, he has yet to publicly disclose his net worth, salary, and income. According to online reports, the average police officer earns $62,760 per year. Similarly, his ex-wife Jodie’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of March 2023.

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