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“Fisherman catches big honeycomb fish worth N2 billion but eat with his friends

A honeycomb fish was successfully caught by a lucky fisherman, but the man’s subsequent behavior angered some internet users.

The honeycomb fish, so named because of its unusual appearance like a honeycomb, is a wonder of nature’s skillful creation.



See Video Of Unbelievable Fisherman's Catch of Honeycomb Fish

Unknown African fisherman catches large honeycomb fish valued at hundreds of naira.

People gathered to observe the great catch as it lay on the ground in a video posted by @porche_blog on TikTok.

According to the blog, the fisherman consumed the massive catch with his friends, an action that was frowned upon by internet users.

The blog claimed the fish is worth $ 3.1 million (Over N2 billion).

How much is Honeycomb fish?

The honeycomb fish, scientifically known as Acanthostracion polygonum, derives its name from the intricate honeycomb-like patterns that adorn its vibrant body and are often found in the warm waters of coral reefs.


Wahala no Dey finish!!! local Africa Fisherman captured a ‘’honeycomb Fish’’ reportedly worth $3.1million but ate it with his friends. #foryoupage #goviral #fyp #fypppppppp #FYP #porcheblog #fypシ #trending #honeycomb

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