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\See Fresh Blood in Mohbad’s Coffin\: Lady Cries Out after Singer’s Body was Exhumed, Video Trends – Shocking Revelation Unveiled



\See Fresh Blood in Mohbad's Coffin\: Lady Cries Out after Singer's Body was Exhumed, Video Trends - Shocking Revelation Unveiled

A TikTok video has surfaced showing a young lady who was present after the police exhumed Mohbad’s body

In the heartbreaking video, the lady showed the fresh blood inside the coffin of the late singer Mohbad

This revelation has sparked widespread reactions and demands for an investigation into Mohbad’s death

A Nigerian lady who was present during the exhumation of late singer Mohbad’s body in Ikorodu has cried out.

She showcased the fresh blood inside the coffin in the video and alleged a foul play in Mohbad’s death.

In the clip, she could be heard expressing her shock and disbelief, practically referencing fresh blood that was visible in the coffin. This has drastically turned the spotlight of public attention towards the circumstances surrounding the late singer’s sudden death. 

“See fresh blood in Mohbad’s coffin,” she cried out in distress, stating in the widely-viewed TikTok video that such an anomaly almost never occurs. Her assertion has ignited a mixed reaction among fans and viewers alike. 

Claims of foul play were made, demanding further investigation into the matter. The majority expressed a fervent wish for truth amidst the ocean of social media speculation surrounding the beloved musician’s death. 

Upon witnessing the gruesome spectacle, there were evidently audible gasps, along with the distinct murmurs rippling through the crowd. The lady continued to broadcast the shocking event via TikTok, which has since trended and touched the hearts of many. 

Thus, the video link has become an unexpected viral sensation, circulating extensively and engendering an outpouring of support, sympathy, and even greater demands for a thorough inquiry into the extraordinary situation. 

Named Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly recognized as Mohbad, his unexpected death has left fans and celebrity peers in mourning. His contributions to the music industry as a brilliantly talented singer and songwriter have been showered with posthumous praise. 

The gruesome scene and distressing reality captured in this video underlines the urgency of the situation and the critical necessity for answers. It has left the public immersed in shock, with numerous unanswered questions and a pervasive sense of unease regarding the truth behind Mohbad’s untimely demise. 

According to the young lady, his body was not smelling after nine days of his alleged death at a hospital.

She cried out saying;

“They killed him. He is not smelling, see fresh blood. They killed him! Omo! See fresh blood.”

Netizens demand justice for Mohbad’s death

The TikTok video has triggered a wave of responses from netizens, who are demanding answers and accountability.

Many are calling for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death and are questioning his father’s involvement.

@B1G JENNY 111 reacted:

“See fresh blood.”

@balogungoldolayinka337 said:

“They should arrest everybody ajeh ahh baba mohbad, even is wife, even is friend that spread the news make police arrest everybody.”

@Lil TJAY commented:

“The person way send am to the hospital need to be arrested the nurse way inject am too.”

@Ria reacted:

“This is evil.”

@Lil TJAY commented:

“They kill am.”

@Ayinla tiM said:

“Omo if to say that man no allow dem bury Mohbad the guy for no die dam.”

@Oluwaseyifunmi said:

“Baba mohbad na big suspect.”

@B1G JENNY 111 said:

“What a wicked world.”

Watch the video below:


I keep saying this, they buried moh alive😔💔💡. #justiceformohbad #mohbad #imole #fyp

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