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Sarah Dash Biography, Net Worth, Age, Profession, Death & more



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Sarah Dash biography, age height, net worth, relationship, family and many more can be accessed below.

Sarah Dash was an American singer-actress who was well-known for her work with the band LaBelle and as a studio musician for groups like The Rolling Stones. She first appeared on the music scene as a member of Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles. Dash was later a member of Labelle, and worked as a singer, session musician, and sideman for The Rolling Stones, and Keith Richards.

Who was Sarah Dash?
Sarah Dash was born on August 18, 1945, in Trenton, New Jersey, United States. She was the seventh among the thirteen children by her parents. Her father was a man of God for Renton Church of Christ and her mother was a nurse. She was a member of the all female group known as LaBelle, former The Bluebelles. In 1967, one of LaBelle’s member by name Birdsong quitted the group to join another called The Supremes. Four years down the line, The Bluebelles made an amendment to their name to Labelle and then changed the outlook of their music to songs that were political, social and sexual matters oriented. This transformation gave them a distinct identity from other girl musical groups.

While with the group, Dash attained recognition and she opened for singer-songwriter Laura Nyro. She and Laura recorded an album titled “Gonna Take a Miracle”. They also toured with British rock group The Who, leading up to the 1973 release of Pressure Cookin’. That collaboration featured Hendryx, with Dash co-leading singer. Their records included also the ballad, “Can I Speak to You Before You Go to Hollywood?”, where Dash sings most of the song. Dash’s strong vocals in the group provided for balance and stability. LaBelle and Hendryx occasionally went off on vocal tangents which pulled many to the dancefloor. Dash was credited for writing several songs.

There was an incident that led LaBelle to disband. For the fear for the other members’ well-being and that the mounting tension could also put an end to their friendship, they decided to go their separate ways. Hendryx and Dash also did split at the end of 1976 after fourteen years of working together. In 1978, Dash released her self-titled debut album, which included the top-ten disco hit, “Sinner Man”. She was credited for performing several other ballads, namely “You,” and “We’re Lovers After All,” and “I Can’t Believe Someone Like You Could Really Love Me,” (with a full gospel choir backing); she also had another minor disco hit with “(Come and Take) This Candy from Your Baby”.

Dash enjoyed much success for her “Sinner Man” song. She made television and public appearances with “Sinner Man.” Around that same time, she was contacted to compose and sing “For The Love of You” (the theme song for the 1980s PBS show Watch Your Mouth) and “Bringing It All Home.” She also guest-starred on an episode of Watch Your Mouth, playing a fictional character, a super diva with an attitude, “Tessie Bright”. Later in 1988, Manhattan Records signed her and she went on to release an album entitled “You’re All I Need”. She featured Patti LaBelle on a duet; a further duet “Don’t Make Me Wait” with Ray, Goodman & Brown; and “To Tell You The Truth”. The album didn’t achieve the desired success so Dash made no more after that.

Dash released a little-noticed dance single in 1990, “When You Talk to Me/ Manhandled,” with Disc jockey Jellybean Benitez. She had her last performance two days before her demise. Till her death in 2021, Sarah Dash had an estimated net worth of US$3 million. She earned a great pay as well, which was in the hundreds of dollars annually. Sarah’s primary source of income was from her singing career, thus she had amassed a sizeable sum from her occupation. Until her passing, she had never provided brand endorsements.

What was Sarah Dash’s age, height and weight?
Sarah Dash was born August 18, 1945 and she died on September 20, 2021. That puts her at 76 years when she left the shores of the earth.

What was Sarah Dash’s Nationality and Ethnicity?
She was an American and she was black.

What was Sarah Dash’s profession?
Sarah Dash was a singer, songwriter and actor.

When did Sarah Dash pass away?
She passed away on September 20, 2021.

What happened to Sarah Dash of LaBelle?
Sarah Dash, the singer and co-founder of the all-female singing group Labelle, best known for their 1974 hit “Lady Marmalade,” died Monday at the age of 76. Dash’s bandmate Patti LaBelle announced her longtime friend’s death on social media.

Where are the members of LaBelle?
All the members of LaBelle except Sarah Dash who died on September 2021 are still very much alive.

Does Sarah Dash have children?
She was married for a short while and has no children up until she passed away. She’s been inherited by her eight other siblings.

Who was Sarah Dash married to?
Sarah Dash was previously married to Sam Reed. Their union however ended in a divorce.

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