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Sansa: Popular Twitter Sensation Alleges She was Raped, Abused by Ex-Boyfriend, Tife



Sansa: Popular Twitter Sensation Alleges She was Raped, Abused by Ex-Boyfriend, Tife

After a messy breakup of Twitter couple, Sansa and Tife, the former had amassed a backlash from trolls over the weekend. Sansa, popular twitter sensation, was accused of cheating on her ex-boyfriend Tife, amidst several other accusations.

Sansa Oroboghene, widely known as Sansa Stark The Phoenix, went on the microblogging site on Monday, May 18, to vindicate herself after several accusations from trolls. 

She took to the site to share her side of the story, alleging that she was raped, blackmailed and abused. The pair had been a twitter couple who has amassed quite the audience during their ‘social’ relationship.

Sansa: Popular Twitter Sensation Alleges She was Raped, Abused by Ex-Boyfriend, Tife

Their affair gained popularity online as they were held in high esteem for their adorable personality and fondness of each other.

As public breakups go, this was one public breakup that gained a nasty attention from users. On Sunday, May 18, Sansa bared the brunt of the breakup as trolls accused her of cheating. 

Meanwhile, Sansa revealed she had broken up the relationship she described as ‘abusive.’ According to her, Tife – a digital marketer – leaked naked her pictures, among other accusations.

However, the vibrant influencer on the social media platform admitted to being at fault. She portioned the blame on herself for bringing her relationship to Social media.

Taking to her Twitter handle on Monday evening, Sansa revealed, “All the lies, rumours about me that have been going on? That I cheated? That he broke up? All lies started by him? He broke up? He broke up? Lmmmaaoooo! I left his fxcking abusive a**!

Sansa: Popular Twitter Sensation Alleges She was Raped, Abused by Ex-Boyfriend, Tife

“He kept asking me to come back but I could not go back because I was scared for my life!!! I was legit f*cking scared that if I let myself believe he’d changed, I’d never be able to get out again.

“The hell I’be been through! The subs! The stalking! The trolling! The body shaming and slut shaming! The hate mails! The depression! Suicidal thoughts and attempts! The anxiety! Paranoia! PTSD!

“I have held my peace, while my abuser pranced around spoiling my name orchestrating Tl drags! Claiming to be the better person!

“Held my peace yesterday when all the lies swarm around about me!! What did I f*cking do to you guys? Because I made my relationship public knowledge? Did y’all f*cking think you actually knew what was going on in the relationship?

*You had no idea! You had no f*cking idea!!! I have held my peace! I have been silent!! Because these whole thing is too big a mess! Too much than any of you can understand! Now I have my face pasted on gossip blogs and labeled a cheater? This is the last straw! The last goddamn strong! I am done!

“I am done keeping quiet and hiding off the Tl while I deal with my pain in private. You people wanted a story? There it is!

“I NEVER CHEATED ON ANYONE WITH ANYBODY, MALE OR FEMALE. I only ever loved Boluwatife Fabunmi And was there for him as best as I knew how to. What did I get in return?

“I was shamed! Ridiculed! Abused! Blackmailed! Raped! Disrespected! Cheated on! Over and over in the relationship until I finally found the strength to leave and ever since I left, I have been haunted! Tormented!

*Enough is enough! Get off my back! Get off my f*cking back! Gosh! I hate this place! I don’t want your belief or stinky fake sympathy! I don’t expect my assaulter to accept any of these truths but he will always know, as I will always know who the only person who speaks any truth is.

“I’m not a victim. I’m a survivor. I survived him and yes, now I’m having a mental break down so go ahead. Have a field day but get off my f*cking back!”

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