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“Salary in Nigeria is better than in Canada”: Nigerian man who relocated abroad

A Nigerian man revealed that he just moved to Canada so that his children may live a better life.

According to the doctor, Nigerian labor regulations are more lenient and flexible than those in Canada when it comes to working hours.

Anyone who has a reliable source of income at home shouldn’t bother with travel arrangements, in his opinion.



"Salary in Nigeria is better than in Canada": Nigerian man who relocated abroad

A Nigerian doctor who moved to Canada has described his conflicting experiences there.

Before moving to Canada, the man claimed he had three cars, a house, and a secure employment back home.

Working in Canada and earning salary

He advised anybody living well in Nigeria to ditch any plan of moving to Canada as it is not worth it.

Speaking about his work experience in a video by Kaizabi, the doctor said he faced some discrimination among colleagues.

The Nigerian man stated that earning a salary in Nigeria is better than in Canada. According to him, a person earning $1000 (N757,020) back home would do way more with the money.

Watch his video below:

Netizens pick between living in Canada vs living in Nigeria

Wothappen compiled some of the reactions below when it was reshared by

Adukebillions said:

“This man has said absolutely nothing but the truth!”

Deji Mecury said:

“He means to say in Nigeria you can play around while working, every working country requires you to work by schedule and ontime.”

philiponuzu said:

“This man is very intelligent, he’s selling Nigeria at a high prize like, Nigerians should have a positive outlook to the outside world.”

Damian said:

“Dey play, you go explain tire! Leave us we will come and see for ourselves.”

Base immy said:

“Thanks actually if you can afford to get to Canada i think you can make it here home and live happily and longer.”

Habari Maalum wondered:

“This man says he is in Canada for his kids so he is ok with his kids living in the same Canada he says is not good for him?”

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