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Ruby Rose Turner: net worth, age, height, parents, siblings, movies and tv shows



At the intersection of talent, charm, and the magic of Hollywood lives Ruby Rose Turner, a remarkable young actress whose name is quickly climbing the ranks in the sphere of entertainment. Born on October 16, 2005, this dynamic artist radiates an air of vibrance and talent far beyond her age. With a height of 5 feet 5 inches, the stunningly spry teen embodies the spirit of youthful exuberance in every role she undertakes. 

Coming from a family where passion for the performing arts reverberates through the genealogy, Turner’s life has been deeply rooted in creativity and expression. Her parents, Bailey Turner and Natalie Turner, provided an environment that celebrated love for the arts, nurturing Ruby’s inborn knack for performance and storytelling. The air in their home was filled with spirited vivacity, with Ruby’s siblings; Nadia, Alec, and Alfie, each bearing a piece of this dynamic puzzle. 

“Every role is a new territory, a new chance to explore different dimensions within myself. I guess the beauty lies in the unpredictability of my craft,” – Ruby Rose Turner.

The breadth of Turner’s talents encompasses not just acting but also singing and dancing, displaying a kind of versatility that is seldom seen in today’s entertainment industry. The true testament to Turner’s artistic prowess, though, lies in her impressive repertoire of film and television roles. Despite her young age, Ruby has participated in an array of projects, each presenting an opportunity for the young actress to exhibit her talents and nurtured abilities.

What movies and TV shows has Ruby Rose Turner appeared in?

Emerging from the crowd of child stars, Ruby Rose Turner has established a firm footprint in Hollywood with her appearances in various movies and TV shows. Earning accolades from critics and the affection of her burgeoning fan-base alike, her repertoire of work is both commendable and diverse. So, what all is enclosed in Turner’s cabinet of on-screen brilliance? Let’s find out. 


Entering the realm of cinema at mere nine years old, Ruby Rose Turner made her cinematic debut with the short film, Love Triangle in 2014. Transitioning on to more substantial roles, she graced the big screen with her charming presence in films such as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and The Earth Day Special 

Her roles in these movies demonstrated her ability to adapt and perform, showcasing a broad range of emotions with ease and believability.

Further on, she voiced the character of Stef in the animated film, North Wind, unfolding new dimensions of her talent for her audience. 

Television Appearances 

Not restricting herself to the silver screen, Ruby Rose Turner has made quite the impression on the television scene as well. Paving her pathway in TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars: Juniors and Annie vs Hayley, she proved her abilities as an on-screen performer. 

TV ShowsCharacter Played
Dancing with the Stars: JuniorsContestant
Fuller HousePhyllis Gladstone
Coop and Cami Ask the WorldCameron Wrather

Her most notable portrayal, however, is as Cameron Wrather in Disney’s popular TV show, Coop and Cami Ask the World. This role has earned her wide acclaim and further established her prominence in the industry. 

Combined, her film and television performances reflect her versatility as an actor, enhancing her allure in the world of showbiz.

Who are Ruby Rose Turner’s parents and siblings?

Family Ties 

At the heart of Ruby Turner’s life lies an intricately knit family, brimming with love, support, and creative mobilization. Her parents, Bailey Turner and Natalie Turner, play pivotal roles in her budding career. Bailey, a firm believer in nurturing his children’s talents and aspirations, provides significant managerial guidance. Natalie, on the other hand, is a nurturing mother, a beacon of loving support as Ruby navigates the unpredictable world of entertainment. 

Sibling Bonds 

Moreover, in the realm of siblings, Ruby is the youngest of four children. The eldest of the clan is Alfie Turner, followed by the twins, Alec Turner and Emma Turner. As the quartet engage in the dance of siblinghood, their bonds manifest vividly within the familial fort. 

Alfie, the eldest brother, offers a protective presence and a source of guidance. Meanwhile, the twins lend a powerful package of shared experiences, laughter, and a shared aesthetic eye that typifies their very essence. Their relationship with Ruby is one marked by shared creative energy, mutual respect, and an enduring love that strengthens their individual identities as they navigate shared yet serendipitous paths.

All in all, the Turners come across as a tightly knit unit, bonded by their unique dynamism. They are a family that represents the epitome of unity, thriving on each other’s successes, learning from the hurdles they encounter, and allowing their experiences to mould them into the individuals they are. Indeed, the narrative of Ruby Rose Turner’s personal journey is deeply intertwined with her family dynamics, highlighting the prodigious role her parents and siblings have played in her rise to stardom.

What is Ruby Rose Turner’s height?

For any actor, undeniable charm, talent, dedication to craft, and physical attributes play key roles in landing roles. For Ruby Rose Turner, a striking young actress, her height has become one of her more distinctive features. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches, or 165 centimeters tall, she carries her stature with both grace and confidence. This balanced height, regarded as an average among American women of her age, has bolstered her versatility, enabling her to imbue her roles with an authentic, relatable appeal. 

The persona she embodies extends beyond her physical stature. It distinctly radiates a down-to-earth attitude meshed seamlessly with a youthful charisma. She commands the screens with her energy and warmth, engaging viewers and leaving a lasting impression.

Young as she may be, it is important to remember that Ruby Rose Turner’s height, like other adolescents, is subject to change as she continues to grow. She may find herself towering even higher in the years to come. No matter how the inches pile on though, one thing is certain: Turner’s shining potential goes far and beyond her physical appearance. Her height is but a speck in the vast landscape of her burgeoning talent.

How old is Ruby Rose Turner?

Born on October 16, 2005, Ruby Rose Turner catapulted into the limelight as a young sensation, wowing millions with her prowess in acting and dancing. As of the current year, she is just sixteen years old — a realization that stands as a testament to her prodigious talent and ascendant career in entertainment.  Mindful of the date of this write-up, it’s crucial to note that with each passing year, this starlet’s age will incrementally increase — a simple fact of life, of course, but a point worth noting to maintain the most up-to-date and accurate portrayal of Turner’s rising career. 

The early sparks of passion for performing arts flashed in Turner’s life when she was just a toddler, suggesting a bright future was on the horizon. Despite having life throw the typical trials and tribulations of adolescence at her, she has remained steadfast in her pursuit of her dreams. At an age where most teenagers are only just beginning to sketch out their ambitions and aspirations, Ruby Rose Turner has already achieved a commendable amount in the world of glitter and glamour, proving that age is just a number when it comes to talent and determination.

Succinctly put, Ruby Rose Turner is sixteen but holds an artistic maturity and a cadre of achievements that seem to defy her age. How she balances her youth with her career resounds as an inspiring narrative for young aspirants in the industry, reminding them that dreams have no age limit.

What is Ruby Rose Turner’s net worth?

In an industry characterized by opulence and the display of wealth, young actress Ruby Rose Turner’s net worth has garnered significant interest. As of the most recent calculations, her net worth is estimated to sit at an astonishing $2 million—an impressive sum for an individual so young. This wealth is largely a testament to her talent, hard work, and commitment to her career in acting and dancing, two professions notorious for their intense competition. 

Turner’s impressive net worth serves as an indicator of her success on- and off-screen, and her ability to secure roles in both blockbuster films and popular television series. Showcasing her multiple talents as not only an actress and dancer but also a model and singer, she has established herself as a child prodigy in the entertainment industry. 

How old is Ruby Rose Turner?

Born on October 16, 2006, Ruby Rose Turner’s age can be quite surprising given her long list of achievements. At the tender age of just fifteen years old, she has remarkably managed to carve out a niche for herself within the cutthroat world of Hollywood. This demonstration of her precocious talent encapsulates the essence of her success at such a young age. 

How tall is Ruby Rose Turner?

When considering Turner’s physical attributes, the query of her height often crops up. Turner stands at a petite 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65 meters) tall. Though not towering high, her relatively modest height hasn’t posed a hindrance to her stellar career in the entertainment industry; rather, her dynamic personality effortlessly fills any room in which she steps. 

Who are Ruby Rose Turner’s parents?

Acknowledging the role of parental guidance in Turner’s career, her parents, Bailey and Natalie Turner, deserve acknowledgment for the support they’ve provided. They nurtured the budding talent of their daughter from a young age, seeing the potential in their child’s vibrant persona and artistic tendencies. They have continued to provide ample support throughout her blossoming career, often serving as her pillar of strength and motivation.

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