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“RIP My Good Friend”: Drama as Nigerian Lady Posts Obituary of Girl She Thinks is Dating Her Boyfriend



A Nigerian lady decided to play dirty in a bid to get at a young girl she suspects is secretly dating her man

The lady got some photos of the said girl and announced her obituary in a group chat, claiming she was a friend

Shocked to see her obituary while still alive, the girl involved confronted the poster and got even more confused

A Nigerian lady identified as Mhiz Best has been criticised on Facebook for posting another female’s obituary while the person is still alive.

In the Facebook group Coal Citer Ballers (backup), Best shared the girl’s pictures. saying she died on a Wednesday morning and was a good friend of hers.

Mhiz Best posted the obituary of a living person over a man. Photo Credit: Queen Blessing
Source: Facebook

When the girl confronted the poster, Best seized the opportunity to warn her to steer clear of her man.

She accused the girl of dating her boyfriend and warned that the obituary post will be a child’s play compared to what she would do next if the girl does not back off.

The girl appeared confused and urged Best to tell send her the picture of her boyfriend but the lady refused.

A member of Rant HQ Extention group, Queen Blessing, shared the post Mhiz Best made alongside her chats with the girl whose obituary was posted and got many talking.

Reactions on social media

Horlah Mrfederal said:

“Omo you too stay away her from bf becos this one wey she write rip black Wednesday………she feel get some cultist friend wey dey go complete work for ur body and do wetin canvas leg this one wey she write black Wednesday no loosegaurd oooo………nah wetin I feel tell u be that.”

Luckystar Oru said:

“I like vawlence make i go search for d name ask some questions do u know u can arrest her for this or still sue her for deformation of character.”

Chidimma Ani said:

“Una dey dull ooh I swear.. if anyone try that with me I will not only post rip with the person picture I will do obituary poster and make it viral on Facebook.. mteww.”

Cornelius Isidore said:

“That’s the advantage u get from not staying with ur broke boyfriend…

“U want a responsible man and u are not responsible with ur kpekus.”

Ogbanje DI ASO Page said:

“Don’t be soft and friendly like you are begging when someone is wishing you death.

“Take a bold step and send her there first.”

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