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    Ricky Berwick biography: net worth, disease, condition, age, wife, girlfriend, height, mom

    Ricky Berwick biography: net worth, disease, condition, age, wife, girlfriend, height, mom

    Ricky Berwick is a Canadian social media personality and comedian, best known for his crazy video skits.

    Ricky Berwick was born on April 23, 1992, in Ontario, Canada. His parents are Devon and Barbara Berwick. Ricky was born with Beals-Hecht syndrome and diagnosed with a physical disability that limits his movements since birth.

    Ricky Berwick biography: net worth, disease, condition, age, wife, girlfriend, height, mom
    Ricky Berwick is an internationally known social media sensation. Photo: @rickyberwick (modified by author)
    Source: Instagram

    The “King of Social media” moniker belongs to the Canadian internet star. You may get a ton of Rick Berwick’s videos just by searching for his name on the major social media networks. Despite the sheer volume, the sights are stunning. In order to make people laugh, he creates skits that make fun of his own condition. Fan-fiber has made him an entrepreneur in addition to being a source of internet entertainment. His fame has also brought him business opportunities.

    Who is Ricky Berwick?

    Despite being a Canadian, Ricky Berwick has a wicked sense of humour. His birthday is April 23rd, 1992. As a result, he belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus. The white ethnicity is deeply rooted in the ancestry of the Canadian national. Most of Ricky’s astrological characteristics are manifested in his online persona. Many disabled people around the world are inspired by his down-to-earth, persistent, and self-reliant attributes. His accomplishments should serve as a motivation for others who are healthy, not as a knock on those who have disabilities.


    Back in her native Canada, Ricky Berwick was raised by her parents, who shared custody of her. Ricky Berwick has a father named Devon and a mother named Barbara. There’s no way to find out more about his upbringing or education prior to his time in the military. Ricky appears to be secretive when it comes to knowledge regarding his sibling or other members of his family. As a viral online celebrity, he places a high priority on disseminating his material via social media.

    How old is Ricky Berwick?

    If you passed your arithmetic class, ever since his birthday in 1992, Ricky Berwick age is 29 years old. It is right to say that Ricky is at his prime age. This is evident through his hard work in coming up with diverse skit content. He has maintained consistency in the rate of videos he posts on different platforms. He is also active on his collaborations and online investments with various brands in the market. The “internet comedian” possesses brown eyes and brown hair colour.

    Ricky Berwick disease

    What condition does Ricky Berwick have? Have you ever heard about Beals-Hecht Syndrome? What about Congenital Contractural Arachnodactyly (CCA)? It sounds like something you probably never want your doctor to diagnose you with. Ricky Berwick is diagnosed with this connective tissue disorder. This was way back when he was an infant. According to his history, he was born bearing this genetic condition.

    Ricky Berwick biography: net worth, disease, condition, age, wife, girlfriend, height, mom

    By taking a look at Ricky Berwick creative internet videos, you will instantly notice that he cannot walk. Besides, you will see that his fingers and toes are slightly longer and his muscles seem to have contracted. All these result from the genetic Beals-Hecht syndrome.

    Some of the common signs and syndromes include contractions of major body joints. These include ankles, elbows, and knees, especially after childbirth. Individuals tend to possess bent fingers and toes, underdeveloped muscles, and a skinny body. The leading cause of Ricky Berwick disability is the occurrence of mutations of genes. The condition can only be transferred from parent to sibling hence inheritable.

    Ricky Berwick biography: net worth, disease, condition, age, wife, girlfriend, height, mom

    The most amazing fact concerning Ricky Berwick videos is how he manages to overcome all the challenges concerning his condition. In his videos, you will often see him on an electric wheelchair or seated on his bed. In some videos such as one that he depicts himself as Tarzan, he crawls in his room and still nails the 30 seconds video.

    He has transformed his bedroom to become his work station. Despite his disability, he outperforms many healthy individuals in all aspects ranging from creativity, hard work, and sense of humour. He has one of the bubbliest and a big heart. Ricky Berwick condition could not put him down.


    Things began in the year 2006 and have continued ever since. Rick began his YouTube career while he was just a teenager in Canada. He had aspirations of being famous, as do the majority of young people. As a result, he began making YouTube videos and uploading them using his camera. The internet can be a nasty place at times, even to complete strangers. Having received no good comments, he came to the conclusion that it was time for a sabbatical. This suggests the interruption was caused by a dearth of material.

    Ricky Berwick decided to try his luck again nine years later. As the summer of 2016 drew to a close, he made the decision to leave YouTube and start a new career on Twitter. Ricky was astounded at the number of reposts and shares his video was receiving thanks to Twitter’s trending hash tags. The video featured Ricky eating fries from the well-known fast food chain McDonald’s. He also made another video in which he can be heard screaming. To his astonishment, the video became viral on Twitter, garnering millions of views. This led to millions of views on Facebook after the video was shared.

    Viral videos are nothing new to Ricky Berwick, who has been doing them since his first one went viral. His amusing movie from the 18th of January 2018 serves as an excellent illustration. On video, he mocks his mother by calling for her to come give him various staffs that he can’t grasp. When he can’t get his hands on what he wants, like toys, he throws a tantrum like a toddler. I am a DAD currently has 44 million views on the video “I AM A DAD”.

    Ricky Berwick biography: net worth, disease, condition, age, wife, girlfriend, height, mom
    Ricky Berwick is an internationally known social media sensation. Photo: @rickyberwick
    Source: Instagram

    Some of his videos like one titled “I’M A GUN” has reached 15 million views. On Instagram, he bears the username Ricky Berwick. He has a great following reaching up to 784,000 followers on his Instagram account.

    He is very active on Facebook and tends to respond to most of his follower’s questions and contribution to different topics. His Facebook handle boasts of about 1 million followers. On Twitter, he has impressive 410,000 followers. His twitter handle is @Rickyberwick.

    Ricky Berwick girlfriend

    In one of the Canadians YouTube video titled “Meet My Girlfriend,” Ricky Berwick is seen singing a beautifully directed skit with a beautiful woman. They sing the love song with the mysterious woman till the end. However, Ricky has not commented on any leads concerning his relationship. This was one of his skits.

    He went ahead to post a funny video where he refers to his bare hands as his girlfriend. In a nutshell, Ricky Berwick is termed to be single. Any news concerning his better half will surely take the internet by a storm. We wait upon such news.

    How much does Ricky Berwick make a year?

    Ricky Berwick is popularly known for converting simple and creative 30 seconds videos to his primary source of income. He has not come clean concerning how much money the showbiz and internet platforms pay him.

    Ricky Berwick net worth

    Ricky Berwick is estimated to have a net worth of $1,000,000. His worth is influenced by his Youtube videos, Instagram posts, ads, and other business activities he’s into.

    Apart from social media skits and commentary, what does Ricky Berwick have? He has been striking deals with various brands. A good example is the DXRacer that majors on some of the best sports cars in the market.

    Ricky Berwick story is one that gives hope and inspiration. As a disabled individual, he is doing pretty well in international social platforms. With the internet expected to grow even more significant in the future, Ricky’s career seems only to get better. He has proved that disability is a mindset that successful individuals do not comply with. Do you have a long day? Why not follow Ricky Berwick in his social platforms and let his videos put a smile on your face.

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